Raptors Player Profiles – Bigs

John Hollinger’s player profiles have been posted for the Raptors. Thursday looks at guards and wings, Friday looks at bigs.


Raptors Media Day Reactions

Toronto Raptors’ media day was yesterday, and in light of that I’m pushing back my reaction piece to Hollinger’s Player Profiles to instead react to some of the more intriguing quotes from media day.


T-1 to a basketball game

The Raptors practiced on Sunday between 2PM-4PM back at the ACC without Chris Bosh and Hedo Turkoglu, although both took shots. Joining them on the sidelines were Sonny Weems and Antoine Wright who were both out with sore knees and are unlikely to play on Tuesday in London. That’s about the only “news” to report… Read more »


Detailed Scrimmage Report

I felt bad for this kid. The $20 dollars was the best value of money you could ever spend on the Raptors. Myself, AltRaps and Wally were standing on the baseline the entire game and got a great view of the scrimmage. You can check out some pics and videos I took from my rather… Read more »


No jumpers for Bosh but we’ve heard that before

Chris Bosh: I saw Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and those guys and they have muscles. I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be. Seeing the contrast between me and the other guys made me [bulk up]. It made me totally submissive and I told [the trainer] I’ll do what you want me to do…. Read more »


Day 3 was off the hook

Bosh and Turkoglu rested on day three but it doesn’t matter because it gives more camera time to Sonny Weems who is a funny guy. Last couple days he’s been barging in on other players’ interviews and yelling Beyonce has one of the greatest videos of all-time! What’s funnier is that I don’t think Devlin… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Training Camp: Day 1

We were finally able to get beyond the madness of Media Day and are ready to get down to business. Day 1 had a couple themes: Health Bosh is on the shelf for the next few weeks, which is a big blow to this team. This is Triano’s first training camp, and you know he… Read more »


Unknowns aren’t bad

This team gets no respect. One the one hand that makes sense since they haven’t played a game yet, but even then, nobody gives them the benefit of the doubt. At all. There are question marks on the roster but those are just that, question marks. They’re not negative or positive, they’re just unknowns that… Read more »