Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call April 26 vs Nets

A triple double, a perennial D Leaguer with 19 rebounds, DeMar dressed like a clown, we win more games in a short season than a regular length season…Silliness.

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call vs Heat April 18

It seemed like we were taking on a team with a leg and a arm tied behind their back and, well, we still lost. Badly. Heat win 96-72 and we stay proud at 22-41. Represent!!!

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call vs Hawks April 15

We reach 22 wins as we run a train on the Hawks, winning 102-86. We made it look so simple that TMac’s lazy eye actually went to sleep.

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call Apr 11 vs Sixers

Somebody crapped the bed again in the 4th, but with Jose and Linas licking wounds, it wasn’t a surprise. Philly wins 93-75 and we love 20 more than anybody else in the league.

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call April 8 vs Thunder

So close you could tell Durant wears Alfred Sung cologne. So far away that you could barely make out Harden’s beard. Raps lose 91-75 after a horrible stretch in the second half. We remain stuck on 20 wins.


Raptors Roll Call April 4 vs Sixers

3rd win in a row!!! We beat a collapsing Sixers team 99-78, giving us our 20th win and a shot at finishing 10th. This ain’t how it’s supposed to end!!!