Hey guys and gals,

We're gonna start using the infraction system which we have in place for these here forums. Alot of BS going on over the last while which we'd like to cut down on. So we're gonna run a trial is this tool over the next little bit to help try and clean up and improve the quality of the forum.

Basically, you score 10 points via the system and you get a 1 week's suspension from the site. If the trend continues once you've been reinstated then the punishment will be longer or ever permanent.

Below is how the system will work. There will be tweaks along the way, so please bear with us.


* DO NOT make personal attacks (name calling, hostile remarks, accusations, etc.). In discussion, attack ideas and opinions, not the people who hold them. Note that an attack on your ideas and beliefs are not considered a personal attack under our rules even if you identify so closely with your beliefs and ideas that you personally consider an attack on those beliefs or ideas to be an attack on you.
--> simple name calling (hater) - 1 point
--> personal attack - 3 points

* DO NOT make blanket condemnations of peoples, cultures, or religions. -
-->1 point

* DO NOT argue with, comment on, complain about, criticize, or otherwise discuss staff decisions on rules issues in public in Raptors Republic forums. If you think a decision that directly affects you is incorrect, you may make an appeal in private via private message or email.
--> 2 points

* DO NOT attempt to moderate other members. Leave the moderating to the forum staff. If you believe a forum post violates the rules in a major way, you may bring that post to the attention of the forum staff by reporting that message with the "Report Post" button/option. You can bring non-forum problems to the attention of staff by emailing a staff member via their profile.
--> 2 points

* DO NOT tell others members not to post to you. You can put non- staff members on "ignore" if you do not wish to read their posts.
--> 1 point


THE “I’m rude and extremely annoying” RULE:

Please do not engage in annoying or excessively rude behavior in the community areas. Annoying and rude behavior includes (but is not limited to):

* Trolling (posting material just to stir up trouble or start flame wars) INSTIGATOR
--> 1 point

* Attacking a post based on typos, poor spelling, or poor grammar, instead of debating its content. Our message board is more akin to a spoken conversation with people from many countries than it is to a term paper.
--> 1 point

* Use of gratuitous offensive language. Swearing will be accepted in moderation. Excessive use may result in warnings.
--> 1 point - 3 points depending on degree