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  1. Ccaptain-obvious says it's the damn weak Defense....

    Ccaptain-obvious says it's the damn weak Defense. If your shot ain't falling .... Than play your heart out smartly on Defense at least
  2. Come get your Free Throws

    Come get your Free Throws
  3. The Loss of GM3

    Need to severely up the defence and watch out for Nets open-look threes
    And for sake of Humanity make your Free Throws.... Patterson went to the foul line, and missed both shots.

    My hats off to...
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    Each time Raptors got close ... Nets player drops a open look three.

    Offensively we could've given Jonas more touches near the end.... But what heck do I know.
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    Brooklyn 3sss. Coming down

    They lost battle on boards in exchange of plenty clean 3pt looks.

    Raptors need to watch raining threes from nets in game 3.

    BTW - am watching former Raptors on Dallas vs Spurs
  6. Putting a GM's Hat on and having my cake and eat it too...

    If I were Raptors GM (Which I have no qualifications for) I would:

    1) Make a good Run deep as possible in the Playoffs
    2) Keeping #1 above in mind – “have cake and eat it too” also like to add...
  7. No Regrets

    Well has both what the big deal....

    Here is a WHAT IF!

    What if Andrea plays well again tonight...

    WHAT IF he shoots the light out...opens more space and we blow out the C's
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    Mr. Anderson

    I think he looks like Method Man....anyone know who I'm talking about?
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    MATRIX Via Mr. Anderson

    Alan Anderson leads Raptors against Pistons for fourth win in a row

    Toronto Sun - It's not a coincidence that Alan Anderson's return to health has coincided with the longest winning streak the...
  10. Check

    Please note, there is only ONE GOD. Eveything else I'm in agreement with you.

    Thank you
  11. Reality

    You eventually get sick of losing....its that simple.

    Need some shock and awe.
    Culture shock...learn from JAYS GM Alex.
  12. HUMOR: How soon before TORONTO RAPTORS: Kyle Lowry Wants Out

    If things continue to break down like this lose after lose..especially against teams we should beat.
    Regardless of ref calls.

    How soon before we hear in the media - Kyle Lowry Wants Out
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    This Raptor organization reminds me of the OBAMA HOPE.

    In the begining there is soo much hope...but the result is the same.

    New faces, new mgmt, new directions...same result...4-5 yr

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    Its Sarcastic with some truth as to how the...

    Its Sarcastic with some truth as to how the RAPTOR MGMT is trying to lure your $$$ and attention.
    They said its a playoff team...meaning they cant judge quality of team...they said this team has...
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    Peace be with you brah

    Peace be with you brah
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    Its not time wasted...its the reality of what the...

    Its not time wasted...its the reality of what the Raptor MGMT shows you...did they not say this team has depth, did they not say this is playoff team...

    Meaning that Raptor Mgmt has no clue as to...
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    Thats classic

    Thats classic
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    Just Humor with tiny bit of truth...

    I lobe (Love) Raptors and I go through all those phases as a Fan of the only NBA team in town.
    Its sad but you have to find way to enjoy - its only...
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    1) Off-Season....acquistion of some nobody players - HIGH HOPES

    2) Pre-Season....We're making the PLAYOFFS

    3) Post 5 game into Season....I hate this BC, fire Casey, Trade Andrea,...
  20. Pic

    He just needs a Partner in Crime (PIC) to play along with and the team becomes a threat a serious threat.

    JUST one more solid part to add

  21. SHock and AWe

    NO your missing the point here. Doug Gilmore made the LEAVES ( leafs) relevant after years of sucking and they're back at that level once he left. It wasnt about winning a was simply...
  22. BTW: I'm a Fan job is to be entertained to...

    BTW: I'm a Fan job is to be entertained to my liking...its to complain when we suck...and demand a better product by offering my ill advised strategies. I dont care how you or BC do it...just...
  23. Shock

    Thats all fine and Dandy brah.

    But you know after soo many years you kinda get tired and really have to smash up the system. Your way just doesnt work and no excuses work nothing. You just have...
  24. Shock and Awe

    Based on the small sample of games + pre-season >>>> this ship seems do be going in the right direction and one missing pcs will make it really legit. Let just see 10-20 more games if things don't...
  25. Shock and awe

    Only 3-4 ppl below are pure keepers....the rest are tradable

    4 Quincy Acy F
    6 Alan Anderson F-G
    7 Andrea Bargnani F-C
    8 Jose Calderon G
    32 Ed Davis F
    10 DeMar DeRozan
    2 Landry Fields F
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