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  1. What would you be prepared to give up to acquire Andrew Wiggins ?

    Most mock NBA drafts for 2014 show Wiggins going 2nd or 3rd.
    If bottom of standings remain the same as today...Philadelphia picks second and Orlando picks 3rd.
    Personally I think Philadelphia would...
  2. Can all this tank talk seroiusly hurt Toronto Raptor's fanbase and attendance?

    I have been a die hard Raptor's fan since the beginning.
    I follow Raptors Republic daily and enjoy much of the discussion.
    However all this tank talk is starting to wear on me..... to the point...
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    Poll: The mishandling of Andrea Bargnani ????

    Andrea Bargnani looking good in New York !
    Yes we got Steve Novak,and paid 2 others not to play here...and draft picks that will likely be late round ....WTF
    Yes I know addition by subtraction...
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    Tank Talk SO Ridiculous

    While an interesting post, why do you decimate a young team that has not had a chance to play a full season to have a 25% chance to get a player like Wiggins.

    Even if we play to lose and beat the...
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    What the f...k!!!!!

    I am still trying to understand how a team like the Raptors can play so poorly in such a key game !
    Just when you thought there may be a fighting chance to make the playoffs, any hope is washed away...
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    Poll: NBA trade rumors: Carlos Boozer-Andrea Bargnani deal waiting for Raptors to give OK

    The Chicago Bulls have a trade offer on the table to the Toronto Raptors. The offer that would send Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson for Andrea Bargnani and John Lucas III it's up to the Raptors if...
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    Poll: Amazing trade....2 1/2 months of Calderon and...

    Amazing trade....2 1/2 months of Calderon and Davis for Gay.
    Clearly a salary dump by Memphis.
    Now what if Bargnani decides he wants to buy in and be part of the team's program.
    We might finally...
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    Are the Raptors really that bad ?

    Honestly, now that we are at the half way point of the schedule with a record of 15-26, this team could easily be above .500.

    When you factor in the recent breakdowns in Milwaukee, Chicago &...
  9. Is anyone on the Raptors roster truly indispensable for the right trade ?

    This past week has been hard on most Raptor fans. Games against Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia should have been wins. Many comments on this site suggest blowing the team up; while others say...
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    Trade Fantasy ...What do you think ?

    A trade for the ages involves 4 teams.
    Confirmed as successful by ESPN Trade machine
    Overall... benefits Raptors + 6 wins !

    Toronto gets P.Gasol, Gay, Bayless, Cousins

    LA gets Bargnani,...
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    Would you make these trades ?

    Sacramento looking to deal.
    Would you trade:
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    Poll: Blow it up..... seriously

    There is no need to blow it up but we need a balance between veterans and young players.

    For several years now the Raptor's having been missing 2 key elements.... a solid post presence (rebounding...
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    Where does this rumor come from? One hand article...

    Where does this rumor come from? One hand article says BC is after Gasol but not willing to give up Bargnani. Then this Bargs, Calderon and Kleiza for Gasol. Desperate move!!!! Taking on a big...
  14. Why would anyone trade both Calderon and Bargnani...

    Why would anyone trade both Calderon and Bargnani for Gasol.
    Great trade for LA .... not so much for TO.
  15. Finally a nice pick up at veteran's minimum....

    Finally a nice pick up at veteran's minimum. Should have also signed Barbosa when he was available and other veteran players at such reasonable prices.
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    Why would we trade Bargnani and Calderon for an...

    Why would we trade Bargnani and Calderon for an aging PF with a huge contract. Does not make sense. That trade does not make us better. We need a 3 in the mold of Shawn Marion or Gerald Wallace....
  17. Pietrus is far better than anyone we currently...

    Pietrus is far better than anyone we currently have at the 3. Watched him play in Boston after Toronto squashed deal with Phoenix over injury concerns. He played very ..good defensively and shoots...
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    Is Lowry playing injured ?

    Has anyone noticed that opposition point guards are having their way with Lowry ?
    Parker and even Lin last night. Calderon has always been poor on defense but I thought that the acquisition of Lowry...
  19. Time to get a veteran presence on the team. At...

    Time to get a veteran presence on the team.
    At least strengthen the 3 position.
    Pietrus ?????
    After the Detroit game I started to think about the moves made before 2012-13 season.
    Too bad we...
  20. Poll: Vince Carter had the greatest influence on young...

    Vince Carter had the greatest influence on young Canadian basketball players back in the day than any other NBA player including Steve Nash. His work in the community was second to none. He put...
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    Great thread......didn't know about...

    Great thread......didn't know about Carter-Mitchell confrontation. I wonder if Rose had some insight (not publicly known )about circumstances that led to Raptors dumping Vince.
  22. Who are the greatest players by position in Raptor's history?

    Who do you think are the best players by position in Raptor's history?
    My humble opinion:
    PG- Damon Stoudamire
    SG- Vince Carter
    SF- Tracy McGrady
    PF- Chris Bosh
    C- Antonio Davis
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    Who is the Raptor's alpha dog ?

    Just finished reading Shaq's book and about all the great players he played with. Every successful team needs one alpha dog to lead the team. Does the Raptor's have that player and if so who it would...
  24. Why didn't Colangelo trade Bosh before the trade deadline?

    I know it has been 2 years now since Bosh left but this Dwight Howard deal has me thinking why we received so little for our star player ?

    Why didn't we give Bosh an ultimatum to either sign an...
  25. Should Raptors be on the phone with Denver?


    Harrington, Afflalo and lottery protected 1st Rounder for Iguodala..... We could have offered a better package !
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