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Thread: Everything Demar Derozan

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    Quote special1 wrote: View Post
    LOL ......It always makes me laugh when posters pretend like they can see the future. Derozan currently makes 3.34 million THIS YEAR. He's a FRICKEN bargain THIS YEAR! I don't know the future.....maybe he won't live up to the contract (it's happened before) BUT to pretend like its a for sure thing that he will not is complete lunacy! (especially with DD's work ethic).

    I believe that there are other factors that go into a player's salary than just PER. i.e. Injury history, upside, work ethic, work load, etc. No one can say whether it was smart or dumb of BC just yet (because we dont know the future).

    Another poster said it best.... Look at Amir Johnson....I used to read that his contract was too big and how dumb BC was BUT who in their right mind would say that shit now?? Amir earned EVERY PENNY in his contract.

    I have no doubt Demar will look like a bargain 2-3 years down the road. OBVIOUSLY, its on Demar to prove you haters wrong.
    That's quite the contradictory statement there, my friend.
    "I don't lie. I willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation." - Fox Mulder

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    Quote Nilanka wrote: View Post
    lol, anything you don't like hearing is "hate".
    Stop laughing.....i'm serious!

    Anyone that's been on these forums for the past few years KNOW EXACTLY where you stand Nilanka! I can't recall if you are one of the CLOWNS that think Landry Fields and Terrence "I'm not ready for this" Ross can make up for the loss of DD??

    Whiners.....wahhhh "Demar is not great yet"....wahhhhh.....LMAO All these players you whiners list (DD not top 10 SG?) are NOT going anywhere. So keep crying - you lose credibility with each passing year as Demar gets better.

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    Quote special1 wrote: View Post
    Are you a talent evaluator?? He currently makes 3.34 million (this year). Would you say he's underpaid for his production this year????

    At very least wait until he starts getting paid 9.5 million before you roast the guy! Demar will have the summer to work on his game to prove that he IS worth that $$. No need to be so negative NOW ....are you psychic?? Do you have a magical crystal ball? I doubt it....

    In the meantime you should probably spend your time attacking players that are CURRENTLY not worth their contract -- HATER
    Is there a reason you replied to that response (which was a reply to a different poster) instead of replying to my response to your message? I laid out all my rationale in my previous response to you; perhaps you missed that one.

    First, the discussion is about DeRozan, not other Raptors. If you want to have discussion about other Raptors, then I'd be happy to join in, but an opinion/evaluation of DeRozan is mutually exclusive to an opinion/evaluation of any other player. For the record, I used to be a huge