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Thread: Welcome to your 2013/2014 Toronto Raptors

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    Quote Nilanka wrote: View Post
    Part of his gambles are made up for by taking charges, defensive rebounding, and weak-side strips.
    'Part' is the key word here. I don't know any gambler that takes risks hoping to win back 'part' of their money. I would still prefer to see him force bad passes/shots/turnovers through sound D rather than risk-taking. Helps the team as a whole play better D.
    There's math, and everything else is debatable.


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    Pretty sure Ross,JV, DeMar Gay and Lowry are the safest players on the roster.

    BC had a huge boner for getting Gay to Toronto, could of had him sooner with trading Ross he declined. If he isnt willing to give up Ross for Gay a player he is crazy about I doubt Ross moving for anything else really slim.

    DeMar signed that new contract he says hes part of the future, and with his improved play this season BC no doubt is thinking he made the right move.

    JV is a Big F U to fans who hammered him for picking him cause JV is seeming to be the real deal and steal of that draft hes a certain part of the future.

    Lowry was given the team over long time holder Calderon he wont trade him right away and will likely be extended hes also best friend of his star player Rudy Gay.

    Rudy Gay, BC just got him here wanted him for years (apparently asked for opps to get him every season He isnt moving.

    ^that is the core and goddam its a pretty talented one hes just needs to move the garbage and get some guys that can hold down the fort & not wet the bed when we are up 20 points.

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    Like many fans I'm sure, I was thinking very positive about this team 10 games after the Rudy trade. Now, of course, I'm skeptical like many of the posters here. Overall, a JV, AJ, RG, DD, KL starting lineup looks pretty good, and I would expect them to perform better next season if it goes that way. I'm excited about JV, I think with more playing time he is gonna turn out to be a pretty good two way center. I'd like to see the Raps feeding him in the post for the remainder of the season so he can improve that aspect of his game, and that is something we surely lack.

    The Raps play too much one on one. They need to run more set plays, and move the ball more. If DD and RG continue to be low percentage shooters than this team just isnt gonna work, and as long as they play predominantly ISO type ball, they will be low percentage shooters.

    I love Amir but Lowry is a mystery to me. I'm not sure he is being properly motivated. At the beginning of the season he was a beast, but he hasnt played that way in quite awhile. I really don't know what to expect of him. I believe Jose was a better floor general, he used to work the pick and roll with Amir brilliantly. We need more of that from Kyle, but he also has to be aggressive going to the hole like he was early on. Not so much that he hogs the ball, but enough to keep the defense honest and to provide for kick out opps. At this point, I'm not sure that Lowry understands his role on the team, or if he does, is committed to it. I'd like to see 14ppg, 8 + apg, 5+ rpg, and around 2 steals.

    Someone needs to convince Rudy there is a future with this team. Otherwise, I don't see him putting in 100% consistently. He has to believe this is going somewhere, if not he will just play for himself and his statline and the next contract (although I dont think this will work well for him either, no one will want a volume 40% FG shooter at his price, except the Raps of course lol).

    There is only room on this team for 2 of Anderson, Fields, and Ross. Ross isnt going unless something crazy is offered. So he is DD's backup, and hopefully competition for playing time in the SG postition will motivate them both to improve. I'd take Anderson over Fields, simply because he is cheaper and a better 3pt shooter. Bargs has to go of course, and I'd be happy with nothing in return. I'm not sure I'd be happy with Boozer though if that trade is a possibility in the offseason. I think Amir plays the all around game much better, and if developing JV's low post game is a priority, then adding Boozer may only retard JV's development.

    In any event, regardless of who the Raps have on the floor next year, they just better make the playoffs or I may regurgitate everything I've eaten in the past 34 yrs!!

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