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    Default Sam Mitchell

    Good coach, arguably the greatest coach in Raptors history(i still think it's Lenny). Very underrated. Not a big fan when he got fired because the Raps that time i believe had a .500 record or maybe just a couple of games under .500. I know the "expectations" that year was to make the playoffs but the Raptors i thought got worse under Triano. And i don't think they made the playoffs that year.

    But anyway, this is not a "bring back Sam" thread lol. Mitchell is now an analyst for NBA TV and for TSN March Madness. And i think he's done a great job, i think he's a great analyst, he tells it like it is. Still looks weird seeing him on TSN along with Jack Armstrong talking hoops lol. Anyhow, i hope we see more of Sam Mitchell as an analyst this time for the Raptors on TSN in the future.
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