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Thread: Trade for a 1st round pick this year?

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    Default Trade for a 1st round pick this year?

    Raptors aren't going to get a 1st round pick this year unless they lose the rest of the season. There's one guy in this draft that intrigues me and i think fills a need and he's projected to go in the 10-20 range. Doug McDermott.

    Raptors need a 3pt shooter and McDermott is a GREAT shooter. He also have a post up game and is a very smart player. I've always been a fan of him, been following him since last year. Heck, i took Creighton as one of my Final Four team this year.

    So what do you guys think would it take to get a pick in that range?

    Areas the Raps need to address in the offseason in my opinion is 3pt shooting and i still think they need a starting PF. Although Amir is starting to change my mind about acquiring another big. But 3pt shooting for sure is one area they need to upgrade.
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