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Thread: Going into the offseason things raptors need to do!

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    "Championships are what we live for, now lets go win them."
    Tim Leiweke

    Basketball has clear winners every night --
    except at the draft, which is all homework, politics and chance.

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    Quote madeupid25 wrote: View Post
    1. Decline Colangelos option for next year
    2. Throw $ and the team Prez title at Ujiri (his contract up this year I think), Steve Kerr, Warkentien, or someone else with a start from scratch mandate.
    3. Keep Casey (win or lose) (preferably lose)
    4. Trade Gay, Lowry, and Amir to the Lakers for Gasol and World Peace
    5. Trade Bargs and Derozan to NYK for Amare (Hopefully get a 1st rounder in the deal)
    6. Buyout all of the above players before they even think about getting on a plane to Toronto. (Maybe save a little $ in the process, won't save any cap room though.)
    7. Amnesty Kleiza
    8. Fill out the roster with the D-Leagues biggest chuckers and defensive sieves.
    9. Let the losing begin.
    10. Pray for the lottery balls to fall our way.

    I like this because we get rid of all of Colangelo's crappy contracts (if we can find a taker for Fields I would be all for that too). Let a proper rebuild begin with hopefully more competent management, heading into a draft year which is supposed to be good. I admire the optimism of those around here who voted tweak in the recent poll, but this is starting to feel like Groundhog Day. I am pessimistic and say this every year, but I am guessing a year from now, this team will not have improved significantly and the organization will just have given Colangelo more time to screw things up.
    This is full of some of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

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    Quote iblastoff wrote: View Post
    This is full of some of the worst ideas I've ever heard.
    pretty sure he was trolling. lol

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    Not exactly.

    The worst idea I can imagine is picking up Colangelo's option for another year, finishing 10th in the conference, drafting late in the lottery, resigning Lowry and Gay for something like 30 million per year combined, and being stuck with this roster as Colangelo has built it.

    I would like someone new to take a wrecking ball to this team, start from scratch, and take a shot at getting an elite talent in the draft to build around. If its true they could have traded Derozan, JV, and a pick for Harden, they should have done it. Who knows how serious the negotiations were at the time.

    It isnt trolling to speak up with an unpopular opinion.

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