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Thread: ESPN: Early Ride on the Coaching Carousel

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    You mean Gay is the new #tradeBargnani?

    The Raptors already had little flexibility as soon as the extension to DeRozan was given. I like the trade but think the talent the Raptors have can be better utilized.

    Also, what free agent was coming to Toronto? I say that seriously and not as a "oh boo hoo Toronto". Notable free agents want a chance to win and make money. Cap space is for more than free agents though as many know and, well, Toronto used space to get a player and talent they likely had no other chance of getting. For years we've been looking for a wing - well, here he is, warts and all.
    Too many warts.
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    Quote unknown guest wrote: View Post
    I have to disagree. If that was remotely true, the Griz would have kept him and traded either Z-Bo or Marc. They didn't.

    He is overpaid (not his fault), but just the way he carries himself, complaining to the refs, shooting long two, on again-off again defense--that is not building block material. Trade him AND Lowry AND Colangelo.
    I like what Rudy brings, but his body language on the court scares me.
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    I'm not ready to give up on Dwane Casey yet but I'm advocating for some sort of change with his staff -- bring in a lead assistant with NBA coaching experience. Casey needs a veteran voice to listen to because it's well obvious that he struggles with some coaching decisions on the fly.

    But I can't disregard the fact that all throughout the season, this man has been asked to coach completely different teams, with different lead guards, different go to options, etc. It's not as if when one person goes down, you can slide the next option right away & the system carries on. There hasn't been a consistent line-up for Casey to work with the entire season.

    That being said, he has a lot of work ahead of him, but I am willing to give him one one more year to see improvement. He gets his team to work hard, he has established a pretty good culture in the locker room & the dysfunction cannot necessarily be attributed from player - coaching relationship, but rather in coaching - management relationship.
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