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Thread: HoopsWorld: Raps Still Hoping to Trade Bargnani/BC Fluff

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    Quote minks77 wrote: View Post
    Clearing the cabinets is easier said than done. You can't simply terminate contracts and trading in the NBA has always been difficult and is only getting harder as the CBA tightens up. No one seems to want Bargs. Gay is a massive cap hit. Demar is still a question mark when it comes to value for the money. It's nice to say "Blow it all up" but its really much harder to do.

    Also I think you are way off base saying that the team has no prospects. JV is definitely a bright light and a keeper that 29 other teams would take in a heartbeat. Ross isn't a washout yet and Lowry is still a very talented player on a relatively cheap ticket (as is Amir). The bench is awful and the most critical backups are the worst of the bunch (pg/f/C) and is truly the area that needs to be addressed. A real back up PG who can run a team, a solid f/c who can actually play and some reliable outside shooting and this is a legit squad.
    But how do you propose the Raptors acquire a legit backup PG, a PF/C that gets 20-25 minutes a night and at least one knock down shooter (who isn't a complete liability on D) this summer?

    You admit yourself that the Raptors have very little (zero really) movable assets that would interest other teams. The cap situation is well documented (they're screwed for 2 years). They have no first round pick this summer to address one of the needs (and no second rounders to boot; could have potentially addressed the shooter role with a 2nd).

    This isn't meant to be condescending, I promise. I just don't understand the thinking that this team is only a "couple pieces away" when there just doesn't seem to be a way to get those pieces.

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    Quote Brandon wrote: View Post
    First of all, let me address how to clear the cupboards. If a player cannot be traded, wait until the contract is expiring and then trade him. Take on other teams' bad contracts if they send along some draft picks too. If JV can be traded for good draft assets now, then do it. He didn't prove anything in his rookie year. He's not another Dwight or something, so he's not as valuable as the picks might be.

    Second paragraph: this is the same bunch of whatifs and nonsense that has been said about the Raps for years -- they're just a good this and a good that away from being "a legit squad" -- you and I have a different definition of that term I think. No more true now than it was in the past.
    So basically your plan is to get rid of everybody for unknown returns, ideally to start fresh next offseason with no committed salary and several draft picks?

    The problem with that is that there's no guarantee that the cap space will lead to any significant free agents signing with the Raptors and there's no guarantee that the draft picks (even high lottery picks) will wind up being players any better than the players that the Raptors would be trading away. You're basically trading away one set of "whatifs and nonsense" for unknown "whatifs and nonsense" in the future. I'm sorry, but that's not a plan, just wishful thinking and frustration with the current team.

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    Can I moderate people that suggest trading JV for anyone other than Lebron James? Or is that an abuse of power?

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