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Thread: Raptors = 4th in league in points off turnovers.

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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    I think Telfair is a better facilitating PG than Lucas, whereas Lucas is the better scorer (albeit a very streaky one). Assuming the Raptors upgrade their backup PG position in the offseason, I think there's a better chance that Lucas is retained as the 3rd string PG. Not only does the team already hold an option on him, but I think they'd appreciate the potential scoring punch (ie: 3pt shooting) that he could offer; I could even see him getting occassional time as 2nd unit SG if/when the team needs to generate instant offense.
    I agree

    What i meant was that they both suck at facilitating.....Telfair is better (from a D to a C-) but neither are good enough IMO.

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    Quote special1 wrote: View Post
    I think it's because we SUCKed last year and he averaged 18ppg 6 assists during his starts.....I personally think he was fine with coming off the bench and learning from Jose (I can't find one video/article proving otherwise). Bayless actually said he loved being in Toronto and wanted to be here. I honestlIy don't think Bayless got a fair shake around here and i'm glad he's showing that he can be a useful player on a WINNING team and not a bench player or a scrub on a lottery team (others wanted him to accept that role). I think it was fair for him to expect consistant minutes.....we were a lottery team for goodness sakes!
    Bayless has certainly contributed in Memphis but his personal stats are not eye popping.

    I am speaking out of my bum here - as usual - but could there have been a battle behind the scenes with Bayless much like there has been with Lowry? Did Bayless resist the "Calderon Cloning Device" Casey has been subjecting Lowry too?
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    Realistically, Bayless is not going to beat out Mike Conley in Memphis. I think it's good that he finds himself in a winning situation with a lot of experienced savvy veterans to run with. It also helps that he is being trusted to carry the bulk of the scoring in that second unit & provide that spark off the bench. I'm happy for him & I will be cheering for Memphis this playoffs. Bayless & Ed Davis, ftw!
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