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Thread: 2013-2014 toronto raptors Season

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    Quote Mr.Z wrote: View Post
    What about signing a guy like Seth Curry (Steph Curry's little brother) who could go late second round or un-drafted. He's is part of the curry family, so he's a dead eye three shooter and he's 6'2, has handles. Anyone know is that's even remotely possible? Please, drop some science on me.
    Yes, I guess it's possible. But you're assuming that no one else tabs him in the 2nd round or makes a better offer to him as a free agent. He may opt to play overseas for a guaranteed paycheque as well instead of taking his chances in the NBA as a 12th man that could be cut at any time.

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    If he gets forgotten about (Although he averaged 18ppg this year so he really shouldn't) I think the Raps should take a shot at him. It's low risk since the guy has really no expectation and it would be cheap. And if it works then that would be just great.

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