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Thread: Bryan Colangelo has left the Raptors

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    Quote blackjitsu wrote: View Post
    What do you mean Matt? You didn't see Ross' 360 dunk at UW last week? He's the TRUTH!

    But seriously, this looks like he couldn't handle Leweike. He basically thanked everyone but Big L. He knows that he can get work elsewhere so why stick it out if you don't like the new boss? They still have to pay him.

    Personally, I would be stunned if they moved Demar or Rudy. They've pretty much spun all their PR around those guys. Raptors4Life has a legit point -- they could have concentrated on JV, Ross, leaked rumors about signing that CIS kid...lots of ways to keep things hush until trades are made in early July. We'll probably get some idea tomorrow what's going on though.
    Why would he thank TL? He didn't work with him really did he? He didn't spend any time with him for the past 7 years and his only interaction with him was to be removed from the GM role. Why would he thank him? He considers himself a basketball man, and wants to be part of the basketball decisions. That is all.

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    Quote drunkmunky wrote: View Post

    Something must be on the horizon now for him.

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