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Thread: Playoffs Next Year! Fool's Gold?

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    Quote white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    Yeah, seriously, this is the VC and Bosh strategy all over again. You cannot hope to just magically build around one good piece. And you can't expect that in liquidating pieces you don't like, you ONLY get assets that help you along that rebuild path. I'm sure everyone will only offer Toronto expiring contracts, rookie deals, and picks for the players they don't want to keep.
    Based on what Ujiri was able to do with Bargs, I'm more likely to believe this is possible than I once thought.
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    Quote ezz_bee wrote: View Post
    Based on what Ujiri was able to do with Bargs, I'm more likely to believe this is possible than I once thought.
    It makes me wonder what types of offer were out there 1-3 years ago for him because I'm still shocked that is what they managed to get now (and still scared because it is not final).
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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    As useless as ranting about how tanking (despite the fact that about 1/4 of the league will be tanking next season) is a sure-fire way to land the next franchise talent, like LBJ or KD??

    I have stated that I understand the allure and potential benefits of tanking, so I just expect the pro-tankers to openly admit the extreme amount of risk and luck involved with an all-out tanking strategy. The way some pro-tankers talk on RR (not necessarily you specifically), all Toronto needs to do is decide to tank and, voila, Wiggins will be automatically be a Raptor and is absolutely guaranteed to fulfill the once-in-a-generation, franchise-altering hype that surrounds him. I'm sorry, but it's not that simple.

    - many teams doing it, plus some teams will just suck naturally
    - even if Toronto was the only team tanking, having a bottom-3 record is not a sure thing
    - even if Toronto finishes with a bottom-3 record, getting a top-3 pick is not a sure thing (lottery luck)
    - even if Toronto wins the lottery, there's no guarantee that the draft pick will fulfill potential
    - lots of talent/potential will be dumped in favor of draft picks, with no guarantee that drafted players will ever be better than players traded away
    - another season of [deliberate] losing will turn off more fans
    - another season of [deliberate] losing will turn off some agents/free agents (and Toronto is already not a highly desirable landing spot)
    - another season of [deliberate] losing, followed by anything short of the draft pick(s) becoming a superstar/all-star caliber player, will be met with lots of blowback from fans/media/players/agents/free agents
    - with all the teams tanking this upcoming season, quite a few of them are going to come away from the 2014 draft sorely disappointed, with relatively nothing of significance to show for their year of tanking
    - failed tanking results in the team having far fewer tradeable assets at their disposal for rebuilding (having traded them all