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Thread: Bill Simmons Is Consistently...

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    Default Bill Simmons Is Consistently...

    Out of touch when it comes to the Raptors. I think this is a stupid idea by Bill Simmons but it should make for good conversation:

    Trade Steve Nash to Toronto.

    Admittedly, Nash doesn't have much market value right now. He's 39 years old, his body is breaking down in a variety of ways, he seemed a step and a half slow last season, he's a turnstile defensively, and he's making $9.3 million in 2014 and $9.7 million in 2015. Other than that, he's pretty enticing. But you know where he's still a hero? CANADA! What would be better than Nash finishing his career on Canada's only NBA team?

    Now here's where you say, Wait a second, the Raptors just hired Masai Ujiri from Denver. That dude is a shrewd mf'er — he'd never trade for Nash. Au contraire! Thanks to Rudy Gay's onerously onerous deal, DeMar DeRozan's extension, the cap-clogging quartet of Landry Fields, Marcus Camby, Tyler Hansbrough and Steve Novak (nearly $20 million combined in 2014-15) and a few other commitments, Toronto can't become a free-agent player until the summer of 2015 ... right as Nash's deal is expiring. So why not bring him aboard as their feel-good Canadian basketball ambassador?

    Do you realize trading for Nash would immediately become one of Canada's five greatest NBA moments ever? Since Toronto and Vancouver were added as expansion teams in 1995, here's that list right now:

    Highlight No. 1: Vince Carter wins the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest.

    Highlight No. 2: The Raptors come within a missed Vince jumper of advancing to the 2001 Eastern finals.

    Highlight No. 3: Kobe scores 81 points against the Raptors. Hey, at least they were part of history.

    Highlight No. 4: The Grizzlies move to Memphis (so Vancouver doesn't have to watch them anymore).

    Highlight No. 5: Actually, we're done. You want to know what the greatest running Canadian NBA moment is? Every time Vince comes back to Toronto, they boo him lustily for four quarters. It's the only real Canadian basketball tradition they have. I'd say they need to rent a basketball ambassador. Call me crazy.

    Anyway, here's my offer: Nash for Linas Kleiza's expiring contract and Aaron Gray's expiring contract. I can't do better than that. I'M GIVING YOU CANADIAN BASKETBALL HERO STEVE NASH FOR TWO SCRUBS!!!!!! Take him! I'm putting a ribbon on him, including a Labatt hat and everything! Just call this trade into the commissioner's office already.

    (By the way, I just downgraded the Lakers' 2014-15 salary cap to $0.00.)
    Source: Grantland

    To bring in Nash now would serve no purpose. If the team wanted him to be "an ambassador" they could offer him a job when he retires? He looked really old this year... I don't want him to come and die for the Raptors. I thought he would go out like Stockton but it's probably gonna get ugly this year unfortunately.

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    What an idiot. Does he not realize that we tried this before and it failed miserably? The #1 priority for Nash, at his age, should still be to win a championship... that's why he chose LA and not us. Why would it be any different this time around?
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    I would do Nash for Kleiza and cap room anyway, and no flexibility until 2014/2015

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    I thought he was going to suggest trading DeRozan or some valuable player for Nash, and I was ready to go off on him. Kleiza and Gray... that actually wouldn't be horrible, especially if the contract of Camby and/or Richardson could be unloaded in another trade(s). In that case, the money would be almost even (Q-Rich dumped) or