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    Default Tor-Por

    This is not so much of a "would each team do it" as it is "Would raptors improve" I got into an argument with a friend who said raptors would be better off before this trade. But either way
    Is it reasonable?(Do both teams do it)
    Does it make the team better?

    Raptors trade
    DeMar Derozan
    Amir Johnson
    Landry Fields
    2016 Knicks 1st rounder

    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Wesley Matthews

    Raptors get 3 point shooting in their starting lineup and get a definitive starting PF. It follows Masai's "No contracts longer than 2 years" plan. Raptors stay competitive for 2 years and then have nearly 50 million in space for the 2015-2016 offseason.

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    if they trade landry fields, then we won't get to see his girlfriend as much. so that's a big no no.

    we got a solid contract deal for amir and demar, and i think they're still growing. i don't know too much about wesley matthews, but i followed aldridge when he was in texas and the raps were thinking of drafting him and he is ripping it up for the blazers, so i dont know, thats a tough one. i think amir has the potential to put up similar numbers to aldridge, minus the points. and amir has more hussle in him i think.

    overall, i wouldn't do it. its reasonable, but i wouldn't. have you seen landry's girlfriend!??

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    Of course the Raptors improve.

    DeMar vs. Matthews is a wash. Matthews is slightly better and a better fit (shooting/defense, exactly what you need on this roster), DeMar might have a bit more upside. Short term, it's an upgrade.

    Amir vs. Aldridge... Well, it's a solid player vs. a top 20 or top 30 player in the entire NBA who would instantly be the best player on this team. So, yeah..

    And then you have Fields+late pick.

    That's a 35-40 wins team turning into a 50 wins team.
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    Quote Protocall wrote: View Post
    if they trade landry fields, then we won't get to see his girlfriend as much. so that's a big no no.
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    I was thinking about this after reading the renewed interest to trade LA.

    I would do this trade in a heart beat, but then again, I'm not the GM.
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