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Thread: Cavs draft picks the last couple of years

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    Default Cavs draft picks the last couple of years

    People are FINALLY talking about it. Its on the front page of ESPN today.

    Cavs fucked up in the draft the last couple of years.

    1. Tristan Thompson over JV.

    - Thre are rumours that they passed on JV because they didn't want to wait. But he was the guy they wanted to take 4th overall. Instead they took TT. Nothing against him he's a good player. But whenever i watch him play, i see Ed Davis.

    2. Dion Waiters

    - Cavs needed a C and Drummond was still on the board. They passed up. They also needed a SF and Barnes was still on the board. They passed up. Both HIGH UPSIDE players. Instead, they took Syracuse 6th man Dion Waiters

    I watch alot of College hoops. And Waiters was a good player off the bench for Syracuse. But i didn't think he'd be anything special in the NBA. I thought he'd be drafted in the 10-15 range.

    3. Anthony Bennett

    - So Cavs took their PF of the future in TT just 2 years ago. Why take another PF??

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    I get the TT draft and i honestly still believe they drafted Bennett to use as trade bait this year.

    Waiters though... I was a Waiters fan and wanted him for us as a high end 6th man who could help close out games but them taking him there over Barnes was hilarious

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    Is JV better than Thompson? It's not obvious to me. They're both in a slump lately.

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    It's true, the Cavs organization got too cute and tried too hard to show the league how smart the were.

    I thought before that it was a long shot for LeBron to sign there, and now I think there is absolutly no chance he does.

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