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Thread: Raptors franchise was on the block?

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    Quote imaginelino wrote: View Post
    Anyone have any more information on this? I haven't read anything remotely close put nonetheless, seeing Toronto included in a list of names was a bit unnerving.

    link here.
    How is it unnerving? Are you making the presumption that a team for sale means relocation?
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    'Rumoured' is the key word. The credibility of a rumour can range from very credible to utter nonsense. The team may not have won a lot but as far a making money is concerned, it ranks among the top. Why would the owners consider selling a profitable business?
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    I think most people covered it .. but obviously this is 100% not true and just someone messing up old info.

    Even if LT was looking to sell his stake (hes not) - it wouldnt be of the Raps only. Rogers/Bell not going anywhere - they just bought it and TV contracts just starting to kick in ...

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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised if the author happened to remember hearing that the Raptors were on the market awhile back, but hadn't heard anything recently, hence the 'rumor'. In all liklihood, he just forgot or is ignorant to the fact that the Raptors (MLSE) were in fact fairly recently sold along with the Leafs (and lots more) to Rogers/Bell, from the OTPP. The reason they are 'off the market' is because a buyer was found. I seriously doubt MLSE has any plans to sell.
    I guess 'rumor' means this 'journalist' had no sources on which to base his comment. Brian Windhorst is obviously not a reliable source of information ......

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