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Thread: Name the team that pops into your head.....

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Yeah, I suppose.

    I likely would not have bothered posting this yesterday morning if I knew the poop show that would unwind as the day went on.

    It is unfortunate that tolerance, respect, and a willingness to consider an opposing view is not always shared among posters. That goes for me as well. Clearly I rub many the wrong way and at some point a little self-reflection would lead me to believe it can't be all the those rubbed wrong posters.
    I would appreciate if you didn't rub me Matt. I like you and all, just not in that way.
    F*ck Brooklyn

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    ..It is unfortunate that tolerance, respect, and a willingness to consider an opposing view is not always shared among posters...
    The great thing's just a forum talking about a game that grown men make a living playing. Who cares. There's people starving, drowning, getting blown up by war and terrorists every day. Women are getting abused, kids are forced into labour, people are getting addicted to drugs etc. etc. etc.

    None of this shit is important unless you have an extremely skewed perspective and have invested way too much of yourself into a game you watch on TV or the internet.

    Absolutely cannot take any of this too seriously, but it is fun to talk about.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    People have said the Bucks but the thing about the Bucks is they still have about $10-15M (depending on the cap) in cap space next summer with 12 guys under contract.

    Also, they only have 1 guy on their roster (sanders) for 2016-17 (3 years out).

    Finally, Mayo at $8M seems reasonable, same with Ilyasova at $7.9M.... at least I think.
    People are saying the Bucks because they know it's the Raptors but they don't like you.

    FWIW, I thought of Raptors when you said Name the team that pops into your head, without reading your post.
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    your pal,

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    Quote p00ka wrote: View Post
    This is precious: "What's the point of creating any discussion about something over which you have zero control?" What about this topic does anyone here have any control of? Sorry, but that was just funny. None of us has the least control of anything being babbled about here.
    I think you missed my point. I obviously agree that we have zero control over anything Raptors related. That's why I wrote that. What I'm getting at is that we all come here to talk about these things and we all obviously take something from the back and forth these discussions create; we all enjoy it, otherwise why would we do it, despite the fact that ultimately it has zero effect on anything?

    So what's the point of posting 'this topic is pointless' in multiple threads? Just let those of us who want to have a discussion get on with it. It serves no purpose to post an opinion not directly related to the discussion at hand. If you don't like the discussion, don't participate.

    Obviously it's your right to interject your opinion, just as it's my right to criticize you for doing so. But please, if you don't have something to add to the discussion, just leave it alone for those that do.

    edit: and yes I realize the irony of asking someone to stick to the topic at hand while essentially derailing the thread. Apologies, I'll avoid it in the future.
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    To be fair, this is also coming from Captain No-Cap. it's easy to talk about how to manage your salary when you don't really have a limit on your own. Many teams are trying to find bargain players at 7 mil because they can't go out and offer/trade for every $15mil contract on the market.
    "This just in........ THE RAPTORS ARE AMAZING!"

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