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Thread: Gay, Lowry for Monroe, Jennings?

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    Default Gay, Lowry for Monroe, Jennings?

    Raptors send to Pistons:

    Second rounder

    Detroit sends to Raptors:

    Villaneuava & Stuckey

    Why Detroit does it:

    Dumars is on the hot seat for yet another mistake (signing Josh Smith to starting SF). This trade puts them in win-now mode.
    This trade gets Josh Smith @ PF and gets Detroit a true SF.
    Kyle Lowry is less selfish than Jennings and is a better floor spacer.
    Lowry > Jennings.
    Novak is a great floor spacing tool as well.

    Why Raptors does it:

    Roster will then be young players with tons of upside (Monroe, Derozan, Ross, JV, Acy, Jennings).
    Monroe & JV are frontcourt of the future.
    Amir & Hansbrough can bring intensity off the bench.

    Everyone, including Jennings, are on reasonable contracts.
    If jennings doesn't pan out, he can be flipped.

    Financial flexibility --- Stuckey & V will come off the books at the end of the season.
    Tradeable assets --- Jennings, Stuckey, V can easily be traded.


    Potential problems:
    - Rudy Gay is still a chucker
    - Jennings can't be traded until the 15th
    - Detroit is giving up some financial flexibility

    - Amir will have to come off the bench
    - Jennings is a chucker and enigma


    I think this is a realistic trade

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    There is a trade forum.
    "You donít know the Bruno Caboclo......"
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    As Matt said, please use the trade proposal sub-form for these. Thanks.

    It makes me look crazy when my Twitterfeed uploads these proposals. No offense!

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    Why is this trade unreasonable?
    Detroit is clearly in win-now mode after their playoff drought. That's why they signed Billups.

    PG depth might be some concern for the Pistons, but that's pretty soft.
    This trade helps Pistons, helps Raptors.

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    I think this makes the Pistons worse. They replace a chucker at PG with a comparable chucker at SF, but now they'll be considerably less talented overall. Not sure they'd even trade Stuckey for Gay at this point, since Stuckey is playing much better.

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    I only included Stuckey to make the salaries work.
    I guess a third team could come in, but that would be a lot harder to envision.

    The real reason why I see the Pistons making this trade is because their 3 bigs (Drummond, Monroe, Smith) can't play at the same time on the court due to spacing.

    At least with Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry and Novak, they have 3 really capable 3 point shooters. Gay has been shooting a nice 3 point percentage on the year and Novak is Novak.

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