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Thread: Could it be something so simple

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    Default Could it be something so simple

    I just wanted to start a post for all the hating going on here.

    Could it be as simple as the future we all have in mind and the different ways of getting there. There is no question there is some serious love for the raps, on both sides of the fence. MU has created a ton of excitement like never before with the possibility, of a wining atmosphere, and landing a huge pic in this years draft.

    But in recent history the raps haven't made a ton of moves, and now we are moving tons and these moves are actually producing something we have always wanted, to win. At the end of the day of course there is no doubt a championship in mind. How we get there is always going to have opposition. But the raps have been moving a lot and all in hope of getting a chance at someone in the draft, typically #1-5 is the key for sure.

    MU has led the way thus far shocking people with the BIG STIFF being traded out of town, and then moving our all-star, I say that very lightly, and brining in hungry guys that have been passed over. This year they get there chance fore sure and will turn some heads.

    Most have heated debates about the ways to go, myself included, because I believe in loyality and believe we will be one of the few teams that will offer that. The playoff atmosphere helps more than people think just because of how the fans are when were winning, the excitement and the buzz around the city will be amazing. I don't even live there but have in the past and when raps are winning things are a little different.

    We have seen the model most would say is probably being followed, that of Denver. Do we get an all nba' er to come here in free agency, my humble opinion is No. Can we develop a winning culture and bring team orientated guys in, most definitely. Will any star we ever land stay here if he's not Canadian, most likely no, not with all the money and whatever other excuse they use.

    Lastly do we have a chance at Andrew even if he is the consensus #1, have faith ladies & gents. We all know that sometimes it seems impossible but so were the other 2 moves made recently, and to get value back was unexpected. I think all signs are pointing that way. We will probably make the Lowery move soon, just my thoughts. They the roster will be finalized for our run. My thoughts, unless a cant miss deal occurs, but chances are low. More importantly Wiggins has stated that his dream is to be #1 and go to the raps. So the ball is our court. And even if we don't get him, our chances are even better when he hits free agency.

    Where ever he goes I think the marketing is enormous for him to be here, and the NBA, is about making money. The all star game coming is what really made me look a little deeper for my speculation. Rookie Soph game is where he would be showcased for second year and possibly dunk contest at home. Marketing is crazy for this if he lands here. Which is why I believe we will be put in very good position to get him. He doesn't accomplish near the money the NBA will make off of him going elsewhere, and that will play. It has happened before and will again where the hometown kid goes home.

    Lets stop the fighting and enjoy the ride.

    Tanker, anti tankers, were all huge fans, no matter how we get there, MU has created a ton of excitement here, nobody truly knows which way he goes. But the past of losing, and loosing our guys I believe will come to an end, because they wont get the chance to play here anyways. TEAM TEAM TEAM


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    I don't know about hating. It's just a differing of opinions. There's the occasional name-calling but I think that's just in the heat of debate, usually stemmed by someone who can't think of a better argument.

    If there were no debate (or arguing like you put it), then there would be no point in having a forum at all. It would be like having Facebook with no commenting. Either you "Like" the post or you ignore it. That takes away from the purpose of having an internet forum.
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    MU has stated that if a player does not want to come to T.O. ---end of discussion. I think many of are jaded by being sold a bag of dirty laundry by BC. Now we are stunned to think that we have a gm that actually really knows what he is doing and the possible scenarios get us all excited.

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