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Thread: Patty O' Patterson? Can We Talk About This Guy?

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    Whenever I think of Pattrick Patterson this guys image pops in my head:

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    Quote Jamshid wrote: View Post
    Lots of energy, lots of heart, lots of hustle ... We have to resign him and he deserve the contract that Amir got 3 years ago, 32 million for 4 years. He is a Raptor type player, tons of hustle, energy and Heart.
    First, Amir got 5 years and 30 million (6M per year) not 4 years and 32 (8M per year). Second, in no way does Patterson deserve that kind of money - he is nowhere near the same contributor as Amir. He would be a great backup for Amir - so a 4 year, 4M per year deal would be great. 5M per year probably more realistic as he's a big.

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