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Thread: The next 13 games in the month of January

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    Expecting only 2-3 losses in a month? Have fans gone fucking delusional?

    Jan will be 7-8 wins which is still respectable.

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    Quote raptor_dave<> wrote: View Post
    The below list highlights the Raptors next 13 games all in the month of January 2014. I argue that this month is BY FAR the most important month of the season (excluding Playoffs...knock on wood) and maybe the most important stretch of games in recent memory. The month of January, excluding the games against Miami and Indy, could be the catalyst to a successful winning season by many accounts. I know Casey has traditionally only looked at 5 game blocks but this upcoming schedule is theirs for the taking as far as I'm concerned. Im not saying they should overlook anyone but other than some tough matchups against Minn, Denver and Dallas Id like to see no more than 2 or 3 losses this month. What do you all think? Go Raps! #RTZ

    Detroit - WIN (already written!)

    Brooklyn - WIN (do it for wheelchair Drizzy)

    Milwaukee - WIN (I'd make the team do suicides til the sun came up if they lost this one)

    Boston - WIN (Kelly is a girl's name)

    Minnesota - LOST (Love gettin angry)

    Los Angeles - LOST (Always hang tough when Kobe plays, somehow lose when he doesn't)

    Charlotte - WIN (revenge game)

    Dallas - LOST (Caldy goes off and even has a defensive late in the game to seal the victory)

    Philadelphia - WIN (something like 120-115)

    Los Angeles - LOST (winnable, but ultimately lose)

    Brooklyn - LOST (BK will be on the up and up)

    Orlando - WIN (I think I'm going to this one they they gotta do it for me)

    Denver - LOST (Nuggets wake up for this one to stick to MU

    Seems the most realistic.

    We're good and team ball has been phenomenal. This cohesiveness will wear from time to time with more hero/iso ball as confidence grows (as we saw last night against Det).

    I'm going to take the cautiously optimistic approach and say there will be some growing pains. We're riding a hot streak right now, but how long will it last before guys start trying to do more than they should?
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