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Thread: Brian Colangelo - Updated Legacy?

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    The Lowe quote is great - that's the point of this thread, guys. Mention "Colangelo" and everyone starts talking Hedo and Bargs then saying "we're sick of this conversation." That's not the conversation! The conversation is BC brought in DD, Amir, Jonas, Lowry, and Ross. All have continued to develop after his departure, to the point where DD and Lowry are both All-Star calibre, Jonas likely will be in a couple years, and these are leading a 3rd place team. That's the new info to discuss. Don't bring up the rehashed facts and arguments - we're all sick of them.

    I don't love BC and don't want him back, but I do give more credit now to a couple of his moves than I did at the time of his departure.

    That is all. Comment police rant over lol.

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    How about this.

    MU brings in a completely different staff

    All of a sudden those players that Colangelo brought in start preforming better....

    Still think BC should be given the credit??

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    oh fuck.... some of you guys, no matter the comment, will twist it any way you can to rip Bryan Colangelo.

    Give it a rest. He was a good GM, he made some mistakes... no different than almost all of um. You guys are fucking classic with your armchair, hindsight brilliance.

    Let it go

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