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Thread: Tor - Chi **** trade

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    Default Tor - Chi **** trade

    Yes, I know most people are talking playoffs, etc and gearing their trades toward that but I wanted to throw this out there because it popped into my head and it would be a perfect way to start an insta-**** should Ujiri decide that's the way to go.

    Chicago is in a weird spot. They just traded away Deng for not a whole lot and made the coach and injured superstar pretty unhappy in doing so. But they have Mirotic stashed away and are looking toward the future while the players and coach want to win now. Toronto can help them with both the short and the long term.

    Tor sends
    One of the 2nd round picks

    Chi sends
    Their unprotected first round pick
    Charlotte's top-10 protected pick

    It's actually 2 trades since Patterson can't be traded alone, but it's pretty easy to see how that works. Who knows what combination of throw-ins would be required to make each side happy (this is just my guess as to what each side would want) but the benefits are obvious.

    For Chicago:
    You get a guy in DeRozan who makes a little less than what Deng rejected but provides something he couldn't: the ability to take some offensive pressure off of Rose by getting his own shot and by being able to handle and create a bit in the pick and roll, especially as a secondary option. And you get him locked in at a good price for a long time. DeRozan and Butler would mix well on the win with Butler taking the tougher assignment on the defensive end and DeRozan focussing on playing good team defensive ball. There might be some concern over 3 point shooting but adding Dunleavy to the mix in large doses will help. And so will Kyle Lowry for the rest of the season. Lowry is playing for a contract and can do his best Rose impersonation for the rest of the year until his deal expires and someone else pays him a lot more money. Just like with Patterson, the serviceable big who can also stretch the floor while backing up new starter Taj Gibson. And speaking of Gibson, giving him minutes is addition by subtraction and Chicago's management will no doubt be pretty happy not to have to pay Boozer to go away. Neither Teague nor Snell have been particularly promising and are owed a combined 2.5 million and rising over the next few years that would be better spend elsewhere. They get to take a flyer on a second rounder that might be more ready to help than either of those two and they lose the salary obligations to two likely late first round picks that would just clog up cap space while probably not providing much to a team with contender aspirations next season and beyond. Cap space that could be used for Mirotic. There are a lot of pluses.

    For Toronto:
    Pretty simple really: you're selling high on DeRozan and Lowry and hoping that the Chicago pick ends up in the lottery (but not counting on it). Either way you've started the firesale and the goal is to grab enough picks to either get lucky and/or move up on draft night in pursuit of an all-star to put alongside Ross and Valanciunas. This is the minimum that I would take back in exchange for what the Raps are giving up, but frankly I wouldn't be surprised if Ujiri could do better. This trade solves a lot of problems for Chicago and positions them extremely well for the future and hopefully a full recovery from Rose next year, while at the same time letting them chase the playoffs this year. Also, Boozer. Maybe Teague and Snell develop, most likely they don't, but it's worth taking a flyer.

    Now I know that most of you no longer want to ****, but supposing that you did, would you pull the trigger?

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    I do think it's too late in the season to ****, making it too risky, but taking on players with bad contracts (Boozer) is how I envision the Raptors turning cap space into assets. Not sure I do this trade, as I'd probably want a little bit more coming back. Boozer for Derozan is a crazy good deal for the Bulls both in terms of on court production AND financial savings.
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    Too lopsided to say the least. Toronto would lose this deal immensely. Plus raptors already have 18 wins and to be in an ideal **** position u need to have less than 24 wins. I see the raptors no matter what winning 6 games before any sort of trade like this was made. There would be half a season left And not much margin for error in the ****.

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    I think it's solid value, if they did decide to blow it up. Two likely lottery / mid round picks, plus Snell had some moments.

    Would Chicago do it, probably not. They don't seem to value winning this year. DeRozan is the only long term piece they probably get out of this, and giving two solid picks + Snell for that is quite a lot.

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