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Thread: Game #36: Milwaukee Bucks 94 - Toronto Raptors 116

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    Quote Mediumcore wrote: View Post
    ...I think to be a really good team you have to stay on top of teams for all 4 quarters, and hammer the really bad teams like the Bucks and Pistons. Like not even give them a chance to stay in the games....
    I think that is what championship teams do, but the Raps are playing good D. If they were playing great D we wouldn't be talking about how far in the second round they could get, but how many games they could last in the Final.

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    Oops. Messed up the possession calculation for those defensive rating numbers I posted earlier. Actually works out to:

    vs MIL - 94 points in 93 possessions, 101.1 DRTG (MIL ORTG = 98.5)
    vs Nets - 80 points in 88 possessions, 90.9 DRTG (BKN ORTG = 104.1)
    vs DET - 91 points in 105 possessions, 86.7 DRTG (DET ORTG = 104.2)

    Point stands. Middling defensive effort against the Bucks, but a lot of that came in garbage time as well, and the other two games were outstanding.

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