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View Poll Results: Should Casey get extended?

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  • Yes, extend him.

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  • No, find another head coach.

    33 48.53%
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Thread: Should Casey get extended?

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    Quote Primer wrote: View Post
    Hornacek didn't have a few terrible years, followed by new assistants being forced on him before he showed improvement. He was just an excellent coach from the get-go, who got his team to way way overperform. Phoenix was projected to be the worst team in the league before the season started. Don't diminish what he's done by saying it's just one year. It doesn't help your argument. Hornacek is clearly a better coach than Casey. Casey's first year of head coaching was a disaster.

    The rest of your excuses are pretty lame in my opinion. I think all those guys out coach Casey with ease. You'll see in a few years when Casey is the head coach of one of the worst teams in the NBA who hired him thinking his magic in Toronto would translate. He's Larry Drew all over again.
    Ok fine, Hornacek is the one I'll give in on. Although the fact that he's only done that for one year does help my argument, as it does diminish what he's done, but whatever. I'll still agree that he's performed better than Casey.

    What evidence do you have to say that the rest of those guys out coach Casey though? They all have more talent on their teams, and I can almost guarantee you that if you go to message boards for each of those teams, you'll find fans bemoaning allegedly boneheaded moves.

    GSW got away from what worked in game 2, where they barely used the Curry/Lee pick and roll.

    Certainly those excuses are pretty valid, and just as good as anything you can provide as counters. AND I'm not providing those as be all end all statements. I'm just saying, those guys all have holes in their styles too, and the fact that you're placing them firmly above Casey makes me think you may be a little subjective in your rankings. I'd certainly put them on the same tier as our guy.

    I'm guessing you're providing your opinions on them based mostly on media depictions, which is fine. But you aren't giving that benefit to Casey. You aren't comparing them on equal playing fields (maybe).

    Seriously, I think a lot of the dislike of Casey stems from 2 things:

    1. We don't have all the information. This leads to us believing that moves he makes are unjustified, or flat out stupid, when that very well could be the furthest thing from the truth.

    2. We watch every single game. Every time we see a supposed bad move, we think, man, isn't that ridiculous. But I have a hard time believing that if you watched every OKC game you wouldn't be pulling your hair out over Perkins' playing time (he's worse than Salmons AND gets more minutes!), as well as many other things.
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    I think a lot of dislike comes from the way last season unfolded:

    - Poor W-L record
    - Defensive ability regressed
    - Overuse of random journeymen (e.g. Anderson)
    - Due to above, stunting Ross' development
    - Poor play calling
    - Poor rotation pattern
    - etc.
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    Premature to discus extensions.Right now Casey's only option is Toronto.If Toronto beats BKN extending Casey makes sense with the goal being ECF.otherwise 1 yr contract no other wants a first round exit coach.

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