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Thread: Interesting 'JV' Fact

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    Quote Puffer wrote: View Post
    12-4 when JV gets 10 or more FGA. Not a perfect correlation.
    Not suggesting there is a perfect correlation

    I think stooley here is on the right track

    Quote stooley wrote: View Post
    I see what you're saying, the stat definitely begs the question of whether there is any causation.

    I think it may be more along the lines of:

    JV sits more when he's playing poorly.
    JV doesn't get as many FGA when he's playing poorly.
    >>> Raptors win when JV plays well?
    When JV plays well, he usually has a good night on both ends of the floor. Defense + Efficient Offense in the paint is a pretty good combo

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    At no point did I suggest causation. In fact, I did the opposite by noting that his statistical performance is not directly dependent upon play time, thus negating any causual link between JVs good performances and teams.
    Regardless, the better argument would be that when JV struggles, he plays less. When JV plays less, our front court depth is exposed, and we tend to lose more. However, it is our lack of depth that contributes to the loss, not necessarily JVs poor performance. If JV were LeBron, andthis was the Cavs in his early years, you could maybe start to make these kinds of causal assumptions. But that's not the case here. JVs not that integral to our performance as an individual (yet), as our wins our usually predicated upon strong team play.
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    Quote Quirk wrote: View Post
    Then how do you explain the fact that the average shoe size of the prison population is significantly larger than the general population?

    I suppose you could claim that two unrelated things overlap here, like for instance that more inmates are male and men have larger feet, on average, if you wanted to ignore the OBVIOUS FACT THAT PEOPLE WITH BIG FEET ARE CRIMINALS!!!!
    Just throwing it out there I take a 15.

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