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Thread: Primetime Games?

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    Celtics vs Lakers next week on ESPN. LOL!
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    Where is the hype around the raptors? Coming into the season, the team had been poor for a while, no superstar and really nothing of interest for a casual fan. Brooklyn on the other hand was always going to get lots of airtime because of the massive hype around that team, with all the big names that they have. The substance didn't match the hype, but still are good value to be on national TV. Cleveland have one of the most overhyped players in the league. NFI why Utah would get a game though, Lol

    Of course the raptors are far different now than at the beginning of the year. An allstar, interesting young players, team orientated play (usually) and a PG playing inspired basketball. As fans we love it and appreciate the product they provide, they are even getting good publicity from many people in the know (e.g Jeff van Gundy gave them a shoutout during the Lakers-Rockets game) but for casual fans, they're still nothing worth watching. Sustained playoff success and/or a big time superstar are the only way they'll be getting on U.S TV.

    Whatever, League pass for the win
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    Quote TRex wrote: View Post
    Not even being a homer here or anything. But this Raptors team is pretty fun to watch. They have 2 all stars in Lowry and DeRozan who are both fun to watch. They have Terrence Ross who is slowly making a name for himself. Raptors are a good team a playoff team. They're currently #3 in the East. How come they never get to play on a TNT or ESPN primetime games?

    Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think TNT has ever broadcasted a Raptors regular season game ever. And i think the last time ESPN broadcasted a Raptors game was back in the Vince Carter days.

    What would it take for the Raptors to get on ESPN and TNT??
    Boston at LA lakers is late national game tonight. What a joke.

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    Quote psrs1 wrote: View Post
    Boston at LA lakers is late national game tonight. What a joke.
    They used Kaman for the TV ad too, the guy that everyone thought was gonna be shipped out. Just adds onto the comedy factor.
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