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Thread: Bosh vs Roy on Yahoo front page

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    Default Bosh vs Roy on Yahoo front page

    I thought this was interesting to see.. considering Chris Bosh wants to be paid like an elite level player, but I've continually thought he was dreaming.

    Check out the screenshot and compare Roy's caption to Bosh's

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    This is a very good point. Most superstars want it all on them. This is of course easier said when the players has a strong willed cast surrounding him. I can think back to just after the Shaq trade when the Lakers weren't contenders. Suddenly Kobe was entertaining ideas of going and playing for the Clippers. I think it depends on the person's personality and a lot of these superstars don't get challenged like Bosh has been.
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    Diverting responsibility and accountability aren't qualities of a true leader, and Bosh was never a true leader. He questions why he isn't mentioned with the Lebrons, Melo's, Wade's...well there's his damn answer. Extremely talented, but mentally weak. The Raptors struggles have as much to do with him as they do with an incompetent coaching staff, lazy-ass players and a GM with no direction. If he's truly serious about winning then it's up to him as captain to call out his teammates, and drop this "it ain't me" attitude. If he's fine with coasting, then so is everybody else on the team.


    I went on to read the Jack Armstrong thread and he mentions that "The leaders need to step up"...heh. Could've said that since game 4 of the season.
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