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Thread: Raptors Weekly Podcast, May 18 Big Val discussion

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    Default Raptors Weekly Podcast, May 18 Big Val discussion

    Very interesting discussion on BigVal on Min 27 !!! What do you guys think of it all ?

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    Stopped listening to the pod-casts because they aren't very good.
    Quote iblastoff wrote: View Post
    What do you know, we tried to tank and it worked!

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    My favorite podcasts are the phd ones.... Zarrar always sounds like he wants to hang himself watching the raptors so it gets a little depressing. I feel you Z hang in their. The one with the two dudes and the elephant isn't bad either to behonest. I just don't like the ones with Z cause he always sounds sad. Also his verbal analysis isn't as on point as the others. That being said he writes very good articles. All in all keep up the good stuff guys.

    I would like to see more podcasts perhaps breaking down every specific position and where how it could be upgraded or improved. Or even one talking about the potential for Thibs to be on this team. I mean we need something between now and the end of the playoffs. Perhaps our ability to trade up higher in the draft by trading lowry/demar. Phd steve offered his thoughts.

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