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Thread: Tor-Phi + FA Signing

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    Default Tor-Phi + FA Signing

    Two part plan, one trade and one signing.

    Part 1: Trade Hayes, Fields and one of the 2016 1st round picks to Philly for a non-guarenteed deal.

    Why Philly does it: The draft pick. Fields and Hayes expire next year, and they won't want to win at all this year, they also have tons of cap space.

    Why Toronto does it: The cap space. They waive the non-guarenteed deal, and have cap space to do the next part.

    Part 2: Send an offer sheet to Chandler Parsons (RFA) for somewhere around $25 million/3 years.

    Why this could work: Houston is holding cap space open for Carmelo or another star FA, and MU can put tons of pressure on them with this. Either Morey goes with Parsons, and matches, or he decides to pursue a star and Parsons comes here.

    If Morey goes with the first option (which I think he wouldn't) then we go for another FA.

    Lowry/GV*/De Colo or one of the non-guarentees
    Amir/2Pat/Hands Bro
    JV/Bebe/Vet Minimum FA

    *If resigned
    The name's Bond, James Bond.

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    Try all other options before sending a pick, Also 15M in cash, not cap space requires more than a first one first, otherwise Boozer would have been moved. Would need to take Thad Young and maybe more. No need unless MU has a FA ready to sign.

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    No point to waste a pick unless there's a realistic very obtainable free agent target.

    As for Parsons plan, no chance. Houston has all the leverage here. They can sign a free agent while Parsons' cap hold is low and then just match Parsons. Or if they need more time, they can ask Parsons to wait and give him extra money or an extra year in return, like the Nets did with Brook Lopez last year.

    By the way, 3/25 is lowball.

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