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If the NBA doesn't smooth the cap, mediocre free agents are going to get "stupid" money in 2016.
Your point reinforces my belief that the NBA issuing this notice to the teams actually has occurred. As well , this will mean that management can actively plan their salary spending habits for an extended period of time and not have a free agency free for all in 2016 free agency period that would occur otherwise.

So again Dan H. has indicated that T.O. In 2015/16 that Toronto is potentially 22 million dollars below the smoothed salary cap.

Toronto requires a starting PF on a 3 or 4 year contract. A backup PG unless you plan to extend GV for three years and that gives TO to draft and develop a PG for the future. A real backup center until BeBe (4 years) is ready.

To me if Bledsoe is kept by the Suns, Toronto should offer a 1st and Tyler Hansborough and Bebe for Ennis plus Plumlee or in the alternative a smaller deal for Norris Coles for hansborough .