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Thread: Terrence Ross = Klay Thompson

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    Quote stooley wrote: View Post
    Not well at all, I think. Not yet, at least.
    Haha it would go one of two ways, he puts up 51, or he Rudy Gay's it hard

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    Quote stretch wrote: View Post
    I dare you to go to a Warriors' fan site forum and say Thompson shot is ugly. I had to go you tube to see if I missed something. I didn't. KT's shot is textbook perfect.
    Do "aesthetics" of J really matter?
    Either they go in (=Great form) or not (=ugly shot).
    IMO nothing wrong with Klay's J.

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    I've seen this sort of thing performed on Carter, Mo Pete, Chris Bosh, Joey Graham, Charlie V, TJ Ford, Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan and what my experience tells me is that you can argue for almost any stance with stats and be wrong more often than not.

    I hope you're right though.

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    Quote TheTyrant wrote: View Post
    Mechanically no way. KT shot is ugly. TRs mechanics are great. TR consistency may not be there yet tho
    Huh? KT's shot is textbook. One of the best shooting form you'll see.
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