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Thread: Hedo's Story From One of His Fans

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    Default Hedo's Story From One of His Fans

    Hello Guys,

    I thought too much before i decide to write this mess. After i saw thibis, who is one of my favorite poster in here, wrote he would cry when he realized Hedo is going to be wearing Raptor's uniform for extra 4 years, sorry i couldn't stop myself to write this. I don't know how do i express myself with my limited vocabulary and with broken grammar especially in RR in which lots of quality members shows themselves with their deep/quality posts. After jumping up from RF to RR, Having terrible English is giving me more pain and make me more depressed. Thank you guyz. Sorry from know for this garbage. You are free to skip it if you like.

    I'll start the story with nowadays Raptor's agenda: Draft Pick. I know majority of you are lowering your expectations from your 13th 1st round pick, but i suggest you not to lower too much. Hedo was 16th pick when he was selected by Sac Town. Before he knocked the NBA door he was already a star and very well know player all over Europe with his success on his former team, Efes Pilsen. On that days (definetly opposite of todays trend) European players were hesitating to test them selfs at NBA. There were too many heartbreaking stories. When they forced to turn back to Europe, their egos were falling down to ground. Hedo took it as challenge. There were not the money issues behind his decision. It was just a dream of him , coming from his childhood days. He just wanted to know where he is at talent wise in the bests' league; Plus, represent his country (the first Turkish-born player in NBA history.)

    In his first year he was taking scrap times (10-15 min) from bench and making standard rookie mistakes; In next year his PT jumped to 20-25 min and was started to use as 6th man, backing up Peja. He earned consideration for the NBA's Sixth Man Award in this sophomore season. I bet you know their dream roster reached Conf. Finals and eliminated by Lakers. You may remember that series from Robert Horry's miracle buzzer beaters. You may also be surprised but Hedo was the best man to man defender on that roster after your former player, Dough Christie. Enough for boring History heh....

    All three coaches (Rick Adelman, Greg Popovich and Brian Hill) used him as a corner shooter at offense (pretty decent stats: aprx 42%FGA, 11/5/2 per game stats.. lemme say "2" is assists ). Is that say something to you? Almost 7 years... None of the those coaches couldn't took more than this from him as a "sharp" shooter. This is what he is as a shooter. You are still asking him to "adapt" to new!!! conditions instead of blaming BC for this mess. And then %99 of the boards is giving "Most disappointment Award" and E Grade to him. Sorry, That sounds very funny to me. Everybody knows that with that stats and as a shooter he is not more than 5-7 mil/year player. Orlando signed him with aprx above mentioned salary at 2004. He luckily took a chance ,when Grant Hill left the the City high hope to wear Ring at Phoneix, and showed his talent to SVG as Point Forward, showed also himself to NBA and gain MIP Award. Now His worth somewhere btw 8-10 mil as a Point Forward. Look what your Raptors' stat guys say for him "Our data suggests that when Hedo was involved in Orlando’s offensive sets last season, Orlando’s offense was among the best in the league. When Hedo wasn’t, Orlando’s offense was below league average – over 4 points per game worse than when he was involved."

    Dont worry for the next 4 years thibis:
    - He is not a "Money Guy". He didn't left Orlando for the money issues its just cuz he felt he was humiliated by Otis Smiths' pro moves. He had actually dedicated himself to there, he loved to be there with his "real" team mates and played whole heartedly. He loved the city. His wife is still there. At least That should say something to you. Orlando's front office acted professionally (They thought the market would be low for all FA's to set themselves for 2010 FA Festival. They played a gamble by letting him test his market), he just unwillingly reacted the same way and then emptied his locker and hugged with team mates before Vince trade were discussed.

    - There will be definitely a market for Hedo out there this summer. No one can be as dump as Triano and BC who thought they need another extra ball handler to their ball happy offense. Some of teams ,which desperately need a veteran facilitator for their poor play maker position, might be willing to add him their roster as a "Point Forward". And yes he worths it. I don't know what was your Dump GM's Master Plan as he was paying him extra 2 mil/year from his real value and then lowered this value by using him as a shooter. A big part of the blame still on Hedo's hand. How can you think you can fit there. Just too sad for him.

    There is still high hope especially in this year in FA Festival with 56.1 mil Cap, there will be so many moves. Only one thing is scaring me that Hedo may feel as if he "owe" your community and may not request trade for himself from BC. Don't afraid thibis; we ( his fans, turkish media, his friends) will take this issue as our primary mission and turn him from his wrong impression when he come back from hostile athmosphere to his home, to Turkey. We will tell him he doesn't belong to Toronto. We will tell him he cant break through from his ashes over there especially with his broken relation with fans and media. We will tell him we cant stand one more year (not even 4 more years) too. Its gonna be long summer.

    Stay calm and dont cry thibis. Just be patient and let the things flow on its way.

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