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Thread: GM: LBJ & Bosh in Chicago Very Possible (ESPN)

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    Quote MangoKid wrote: View Post
    The Spurs situation was different. The stars on their team were drafted and homegrown. It wasn't a situation where a whole fan base went down the tubes because of it. The Lakers situation is a bit different as well. We're talking about signing mega-stars in their prime - much to what you pointed out, what the yankees do.
    However way each team did it those are super teams .
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    Quote MangoKid wrote: View Post
    But in the end, it was egos that drove them apart. And that's the reason why I can't see Lebron and Kobe on the same team (other than all-star games and olympics). Hell, look at the All-Star post-game festivities from this year and how much he sulked when he didn't win MVP honours. It's a wonderful thought for Laker fans but it probably won't happen.
    Dude, did ego get in the was of KG, Allen and Pierce? Is ego getting in the way of Carter, Lewis and Howard? Is ego getting in the way of Gasol and Kobe? I think you're overrating this. LeBron and Kobe care about rings. To get rings you go out and get the best teammates you can find and then you make it work. LeBron is a facilitator who can score, Kobe is a scorer who can facilitate. They would work well together and both would get all the looks they wanted. Kobe has only a few good years left at best before he wears down. He has too much mileage, injuries have been piling up, its just that they're not being emphasized in the media because he's so tough that he plays through virtually everything.

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