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Thread: Spike Lee is Iffy About Knicks Getting Bosh. Would Rather Have Amare

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    Default Spike Lee is Iffy About Knicks Getting Bosh. Would Rather Have Amare

    The bafoon Stephen A. Smith interview Spike about Lebron, and 2010 free agents
    link below

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    Spike Lee never said he was iffy about Bosh nor he even mentioned Bosh.

    He just said that after Lebron or Wade, the next player he would prefer to come to the Knicks would be Stoudamire.

    I just hope no one is going to come to New York, bunch of arrogant pricks.

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    NYC with good players will be worse(people) than Boston with good players. Mark my words.

    I used to frequent this other board that had representation from all the teams. Before KG and Allen showed up their fans didn't speak up on anything. As soon as those two arrived in Boston their fans turned into annoying asses. Bragging, smack talking and disrespecting others. Maybe this one board is not a fair representation of the masses, I don't know, but they went from neutral on the d-bag scale to a 10 out of 10. That just happened to match the Celtics roster.
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    I agree Apollo, NYC will attempt to buy the NBA after they shed the Curry contract and act like a bunch of douches.

    NYC, take Bosh and his wussy Mikki Moore dreads with him. The longer his dreads grew, the more pansy Bosh became, if anyone has noticed. I still thank Bosh for giving his full effort for most of the seasons he played, but the injuries, lack of actual assertive leadership, and the pansy dreads just amounted more and more along the years.

    Yo Spike Lee, that movie about brotha's in WW2 kinda sucked.

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    I really hope the knicks get nobody...their fans would be way too annoying not to mention all the bandwagon jumpers who go where they think teams will get championships (cavs fans who will mysteriously turn to NY fans if lebron moves)

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