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Thread: Hedo: "I am Unhappy at Toronto"

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    Quote LBF wrote: View Post
    what the hell is this twitter. "i am unhappy @TorontoRaptors" tweeted yesterday at 10:01 a.m.


    learn your freakin grammar hedo you've been in north america for over a decade!
    Uh, he was speaking Turkish. What you read was a Google translation.

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    Of course Turkoglu is unhappy.

    Why would he be pleased with being relegated to role player status by his coach and playing on a non-playoff team?

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    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    Uh, he was speaking Turkish. What you read was a Google translation.
    shh... it's ripping on hedo time.

    besides he would say it like that anyways and you know it.

    buzz kill.
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    blame it on hedo's wife
    she convinced him to come here.

    guess where she lives.... Orlando.......

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