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Thread: Johnson Came Within 35 FGA From Winning the FG% Title in 09-10

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    Default Johnson Came Within 35 FGA Of Winning the FG% Title in 09-10

    Now I realize that this is not the biggest or even one of the bigger things to lead the league in and guys like Miki Moore have lead in FG%. However, it would have been nice nonetheless.

    Maybe in 2010-11

    FG Pct (369 attempts)
    Player Team Pct
    gasol, m.-----.581

    Johnson----FGA 334----FG% .623

    I realize that if he had taken 35 more FGA that his FG% could have gone down. However, based upon his splits for 09-10 if he taken those additional 34 FGA post all-star there is a good chance he would have won the FG% title.

    pre all-star - FGA per game 3.4------- FG% .592
    post all-star - FGA per game 5.3-------FG% -.656

    So one of the things that the Raptors need to do in 2010-11 to get better, assuming Johnson stays, is to feed the "Big Dawg" more!
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    Wow... Buddha, the stats you find for this guy. You've made me a believer.
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    Havent read the links but how do they determine the minimum # of attempts reqd. to be considered for the stat.

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    It's certainly something for him to put on his resume when he goes searching for a job this summer.

    PG - Penny Hardaway, 1995-96, Orlando Magic: 21.7 PPG, 4.3 REB, 7.1 AST, 24.6 PER
    SG - Kobe Bryant, 2005-06, L.A. Lakers: 35.4 PPG, 5.3 REB, 4.5 AST, 28.0 PER
    SF - Elgin Baylor, 1961-62, L.A. Lakers: 38.3 PPG, 18.6 REB, 4.6 AST, 26.5 PER
    PF - Patrick Ewing, 1989-90, N.Y. Knicks: 28.6 PPG, 10.9 REB, 4.6 BLK, 25.8 PER
    C - Dikembe Mutombo, 1999-00, Atlanta Hawks: 11.5 PPG, 14.1 REB, 3.3 BLK, 19.4 PER

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    Dammit, how the hell do you come up with these ridicilous stats?! the more you know....

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    Quote matt wrote: View Post
    Dammit, how the hell do you come up with these ridicilous stats?! the more you know....
    How is FG% a ridiculous stat?

    Anyway, it's no secret that Amir is a very efficient garbage man. It's just a shame a much less productive Bargnani was gifted many of the minutes Amir rightfully earned. To think Amir's biggest strengths were the team's biggest weaknesses, yet he still couldn't crack the 20min mark. Such an obvious rotation adjustment, I don't understand how it wasn't made.

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    BUDDAHFAN WROTE: So one of the things that the Raptors need to do in 2010-11 to get better, assuming Johnson stays, is to feed the "Big Dawg" more!

    very true buddahfan but remember a big part of johnsons sucess besides more minutes was that calderone kept setting him up considering they had very nice chemistrty together..... now if jose ends up on the trading block, amir might have a bit more trouble getting such eassy looks without jose

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