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View Poll Results: Am I just insane, or would the Suns consider this offer?

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Thread: Proposal - Hello Steve Nash?

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    Default Proposal - Hello Steve Nash?

    So it seems pretty clear that the Suns are going into rebuild mode and Amar'e is on his way out. Look for Steve Nash to follow him out the door looking for a ring (not that he will necessarily get one in Toronto, but it's better than some of his other options).

    As a result, I have concocted this trade:

    So basically,
    To Phoenix:

    To Toronto:

    First of all this trade is going open $3 million of cap space for the Suns. They can get rid of a couple of aging vets with huge contracts and pick up a couple of play-makers along with a talented offensive minded big man who, coupled with a young Robin Lopez, can try to fill the void left by Amar'e. A point guard platoon of Dragic and Calderon would be solid, especially if Hedo and Dragic started and Calderon came of the bench. Dragic is more capable of playing off the ball than Calderon, and would allow for Hedo to get more "Ball".

    The Raptors get two solid veterans who performed great last year and showed very few signs of age and could hopefully help to lure Bosh back to Toronto. The only problem would be the void left at the center. Look for the raptors to get a big man with their thirteenth pick (because Avery Bradley will probably be drafted by the Pacers) and shop Jarrett Jack and cash for an additional first round pick who would probably play the point (or vice-versa). Also expect BC to resign Amir Johnson, who will get minutes at the 4 and 5 positions. Chris Bosh will still be THE MAN.
    The lineup would look a bit like this:

    C- (13th/Additional pick), Johnson
    PF- Bosh, Johnson, Evans, Dorsey
    SF- Richardson, DeRozan
    SG- Weems, Belinelli
    PG- Nash, (13th/Additional pick)

    This trade also works without Turkoglu and Richardson, but with Jack instead of Calderon. The only problem is that it may seem a lot less enticing for the Suns, but that's just my opinion.


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    you know as much as i want nash to play for his country, it comes down to this:

    steve nash is the Michael Jordan of Canada.

    so, would you rather the greatest of all time a hero get rewarded by winning a ring or have him play a couple years for the raptors definitely put us in contention but prolly won't win a championship.

    if i were nash i would defnitely try to go to l.a. and wina ring because there';s a strong chance they'll three-peat because that's just what they do.

    then come on down and please represent your country by playiong for it's team. but, only after you win your's sad you're going to have to pull a ray borque. but, Nash as loyal as you are it's time to move on from phoenix please, please.

    i'm not sure i can watch any more basketball if you at least don't get your chance.

    too bad this isn't soccer or we could have both. we acquire nash he play's a bit then we loan him to a contender.
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    looks good for us but I doubt Phoenix will be making this trade. Why would they take last year's worst defense?!

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    I just hope Nash goes to a contender. The only reason Suns want to keep him now is to develop Dragic's game more.

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