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Thread: Does Ed Davis Mean the End of Amir Johnson Toronto?

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    Keep Amir at a reasonable cost. Having crossover talent at the position helps not being painted into a corner come negotiation time. BC if anything seems to overpay those he covets and would make AJ a fair offer I believe. AJ should take a short term deal (2-3) with the Raps, work himself to the next level and then go for the nectar contract.

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    Resign Amir, plug Davis into a starting role, see what Alabi can do and uh oh it sounds like Bargs minutes are drying up faster that he can miss an assignment on defense. I'm finally starting to like the direction this team is going and BC hasn't even fired up the grill yet.

    This is the most promising 24 hours in recent raptor memory, someone poor me another cup of kool aid cuz its getting hot in herrrr.

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