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Thread: Ken Berger: Bosh Unenthusiastic About Joining James in Cleveland

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    BC wants to trade Bosh to the Cavs as much as he does the Heat. The Cavs have pieces the raps need if they want to move to Seattle in three years. Sideshow is pretty sweet, but the whole team is propped up by Bron in a similar way that the Suns are by Nash.

    BC is the keymaster and he knows Bosh won't go to Cleveland, its half the reason Bron has never gotten another star to play alongside him. No one wants to go to Cleveland except for maybe Drew Carey.

    Its a great move by BC as it puts more pressure on Bosh and creates more uncertainty in an uncertain time. I hope BC got Maurizio to bug Bron and Wade's cell phones.

    Anyone else think Babcock would have traded Bosh for AP and Moon by now.

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    Quote cornbreadd wrote: View Post
    I would go to Cleveland for $130 million
    But I'd take slightly less to go to New York, Miami or Chicago.

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    Quote geebee wrote: View Post
    That's hardly a surprise. A guy who was determined to leave Toronto for a bigger market is hardly going to be impressed with Cleveland. Unfortunately, I guess Houston falls into that category as well, but that bugs me.
    why do you make stuff up ? when was bosh "determined to leave Toronto for a bigger market" ? show me one source where bosh said that ?

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    i say lebron goes to nj.
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