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Thread: Should the Raptors Pursue a S&T with Miami?

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    I just dont think its a good idea for either team...I really don't see Lebron following Rupaul..I mean CB4 and Wade into Miami. If Riley sees this too, why would he trade his few assets in order to get a bigger contract for his new asset? Nah he is definitely going to go after surronding his new core with perimeter scoring and solid defensive players. As for Toronto, I dont see anything that would make me happy with a S&T, im happy with the core we have here and im set for watching it grow for the next however long it takes. If free agency is said and done tomorrow, should be a good season if Lebron signs with the Knicks...We get to watch 3 Batmans (Lebron, Wade, Kobe) with 3 Robins (Amare, Bosh, Gasol) way better then if the 3 idiots paired up in Miami to try and dominate IMO.

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    Quote geebee wrote: View Post
    Hi Tim,

    If the Heat are still pursuing LeBron then I can see why they'd be happy if we took Beasley, but I don't see what would compel them to take anything back in the trade. I would submit that offering to take Beasley is the only thing that would make Riley consider a S&T at all. Why would he take back pieces if he's trying to get rid of one?

    I agree with Buddhafan. Riley has Bosh. He really doesn't need anything else of us.
    As I said in the post, Beasley is a bad fit for the Heat. He's not a role player, which is what the Heat need. His best attribute is scoring, which they already have enough of. The Heat may very well would rather have Calderon, or best case scenario, Turkoglu, than Beasley, since they would fit in better as a role players.

    The whole point is that the Heat don't want Beasley, and may agree to take back longer, bigger contracts of players who would fit in better in order to get rid of him.

    Quote f91ultra wrote: View Post
    We need Beasley in the S&T, if not, then we'll be under the cap and lose our MLE (Kleiza?).

    Though if we're truly rebuilding then that doesn't matter really..
    Simply put, if the Raptors are under the cap less than what the MLE is worth, they can still use the MLE. If they are under the cap more than the MLE, then obviously it doesn't matter.

    Quote Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    You are dancing around the reality as I understand it.

    Bosh has already accepted the Miami offer and it doesn't include a S&T. That is my understanding.

    Not everyone is as greedy as you make them out
    Bosh has verbally agreed to a deal. He hasn't signed anything, and if the Raptors can make it worth everyone's while, then he's not going to turn down all that extra money, is he?

    Besides, I haven't seen a player turn down more money in a long, long time. Wasn't it Bosh who refused to take less money so that he, Lebron and Wade could team up?

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    Quote Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    If Bosh has already agreed to a deal that apparently is a straight sign what incentive does Miami have for offering to change it to a S&T?

    I see no reason that the Heat would give up anything if Bosh isn't asking them to. It is clear that Bosh has cut all ties with Canada so I really don't understand the reason behind the poll.

    Clarification would be appreciated.
    1) To move's Beasley's salary in order to sign either Lebron or other players.
    2) To convince Bosh to take a lower starting salary - but with 10% increases AND six years (instead of five). I *believe* (I need to confirm with Larry Coon) that this works. It therefore gives Miami more flexibility now, but also gives Bosh more certainty/money - but to do this it has to be a S&T.

    Miami could achieve both objectives and simply give us back our protected 1st round pick. Plus we would have a large TPE. This is a likely scenario and both teams would be getting something.
    (There are also potentially bigger deal such as what Bucher proposed - but are likley to complicated at this stage)

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