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Thread: Should The Raptors Charge Heat With Tampering?

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    Quote Arsenalist wrote: View Post

    What do you think?

    I say, do it. Worst that can happen is our charge gets declined, at best, we get compensation.
    I'm placing my bets that losing Chris Bosh will prove to be a VERY good thing for the Raptors. He's not a max player and I would have freaked if we signed him to a max deal.

    Charging Miami would make for some bad blood I think. I think the two teams have had pretty good trade relations over the years and I think going after them like that might cost us in the long haul. Plus it's a total distraction and might make us look like sore loosers. Raps are headed in the right direction now, and I think they need to keep their focus on improving the team and taking the higher road.
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    Like it or not, once Raptors and Cleveland signed & traded their franchise players, they can't go after Miami. If they had this action in their plan they shouldn't accept the S&T and go after Miami right away. However, that would be a losing quest for Raptors. Probably others should notify NBA commissioner about tampering and I think Mark Cuban already raised the question. I really hope the NBA commissioner will put some pressure on the "three amigos" this incoming season, so Raptors can get a better draft pick on 2011

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    The only tampering that happened was the Olympics. It was there that both Bosh and Lebron realized what a head coach is ACTUALLY supposed to do... I give Spoelstra (sp?) a year (at most) before Riley comes in and starts winning championships.

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    They should because this was planned from a long time ago and every team should follow the rules.
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