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Thread: Jose Still On The Trade Block

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    This current roster is currently filled with decent players who would be role players on other contending teams. However, this is not a playoff bound team and I dont think BC is done yet.

    What we need is true impact player to lead the way. In addition, a decent C would be good too. We have no GOTO guy... Weems and Derozan look good but thats because their playing in the Summer League not NBA....Don't believe the HYPE...

    We're not going to the playoff like this.

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    Fortunately/unfortunately, Calderon is still a Raptor. I'm not here to advocate moving him. I like Jose as a person and as a player and I hope he does stick around in Toronto. However, with him now knowing that Toronto is looking to make a move -- proving once already that they're at least willing to deal him -- you have to wonder if that could sour the relationship if Calderon was to come back next season or if Colangelo almost has to find another trading partner now for the Spanish guard (and Evans).
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    If Jose was to come back next year, I'm sure he would do as he always does, which is: say all the right things to the media despite what he's really thinking. Throughout all of the battles he's had to go through with T.J./Jack, Jose has always maintained that he is a win-first type guy and just wants to see the team win. So if he does return, I'm sure that his answer will be oriented around that theme.

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