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Thread: Colangelo Speaks To Season-Tix Holders (July 20/10)

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    Default Colangelo Speaks To Season-Tix Holders (July 20/10)

    Just came across this from another forum that I go on.

    There was a season ticket holder event atthe Real Sports Bar yesterday. This is a transcript of BC addressing the crowd courtesy of TicaL0:

    Quote TicaLO wrote:
    (from what I can remember)

    ~ Excited about the young guys
    ~ Talk of the summer league; other GMs raving about Demar/Sonny/Davis
    ~ Davis has overwhelmed them in terms of what they got for the 13th pick
    ~ looks undersized but is hitting the gym hard; hasn't lifted weights in 6 months due to wrist injury
    ~ in a great situation with the TPE
    ~ looking to be even more flexible in years to come
    ~ currently 10-12 mill under TAX threshold = options
    ~ actively scouring the league for 'the right piece'
    ~ threw a few cheap jabs at JORDAN for the bobcats trade
    ~ reiterated (as per many reports) that the BARNES mishap is not their fault ... (reports say barnes' agent messed up with the #'s of what orlando could do in terms of an S&T)
    ~ Says BARNES deal isn't dead but a few other teams are now in the bidding for him
    ~ BARNES addresses their desire of a gritty tough guy who can shoot, athletic and play multiple positions
    ~ Big Believer of MOVING ON; wasn't willing to TRY TURK out ~ would rather just move on
    ~ Talks about Barbosa and how great of a kid/player he is; before they drafted him they saw a video of him and a bunch of coaches standing in the background and this guy 'blurring' by them back/forth dropping buckets;
    ~ is a combo guard 1/2; will be used as such
    ~ Mentioned Jack went out of his way to go to Vegas; didnt need too; showed great leadership (basically alluding Jose's gone)
    ~ Mentioned Joey Dorsey at least a handful of times. good praise. maybe thot of keeping him on the roster?
    ~ 2 players that aren't guaranteed; Dorsey and Dwayne Jones; gives them even more flexibility should they not hang around
    ~ Says he knows very little about Dwayne Jones; he'll be working out with Ed Davis in Richmond this week; coaches going down there to monitor
    ~ Someone in the crowd asked about defense; says they gotta play on both ends of the floor and everyone is committed to it
    ~ Says PJ was brought in for a reason; he curses alot but all in good spirit; respected by players and coaches; will make an impact on the culture thats needed
    ~ Marc Iavronni gone...(tho he was BC's guy, didn't seem like bryan gave a crap; wished him well)
    ~ Someone asked (who cares??) about Rasho and Antoine Wright and bringing them back ... BC shut it down (all the while looking at this guy like wtf, are u serious?)
    ~ said they loved Rasho a few years ago, his leadership skill was great; brought him back for his leadership; ended up not working out as he remained loyal to TURK and wud often shun out the 'right thing to do' in the locker room all outta respect for turkoglu
    ~ Wright fit in well ... media loved him because he loved the mic/camera ...wasn't consistent enough and often said the WRONG thing in interviews... he'll def land somewhere
    ~ all but confirmed a rift in the lockeroom last season b/w euro's and north Americans; guys complaining that everyone should be speaking ENGLISH with each other; there's supposed to be TRUST between teammates and that deterred that;
    ~ Said we did well in the first half; chris got hurt, locker room uneasiness led to complete failure in the second round
    ~ Excited about not being 'tied' down to a MAX contract
    ~ Says we can grow our guys and build cap space but 'LAYING DOWN' is NOT IN MY DNA and we're going to put a product on the floor that you will be proud of

    After all that, i wasn't satisfied and had a few more q's that I needed to know ... so i lined up to Q&A him ...

    Q... it's obv a youth movement but is that it? are we looking to just let these guys GROW or push towards something ?

    BC... we're excited about the youth movement; at the same time we know our guys need help and guidance; we're actively looking around to make this team better; we're not tanking, we're assessing a few options and looking for the 'right pieces' to move forward

    Q... are you looking to add ONE BIG PIECE to this puzzle or a few smaller components
    BC... (FAVORITE PART HERE....) one of my buddies was holding a camera at BC and after I asked the Q, he goes 'hey, you're not recording this are you?..don't record this...' ... Then goes on to say ... well, YEA! I'm looking for that ONE PIECE, that lightning rod that'll strike the guys and bring everything together and push this thing forward

    Q...buddy asks...Euro vs NA the euro's not seem like they're not as aggressive/motivated?
    BC...No-NO...I dont believe that for a SECOND (actions act like he's almost disgusted at the q). We look for the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYERS, doesn't matter where they are ..

    further goes on... we got a guy coming in in Linus Kleiza. The guy has a ton of 'brother' in him (lol). He grew up in NYC, New Jersey area, played with a bunch of tough guys in Denver. He's exactly what we need(ed), he's tough as nails and isn't going to back down from anybody. Very happy about this guy, and you will be too.

    Q ... Barnes?
    BC ... can't say much, but he FITS the mold of what we're trying to do. This league doesn't have many GOOD/REAL Post players and many are going towards a more guard oriented lineup. There will be times we will have 3 guards on the floor.. whether it be JOSE.. for now (....yes, he said 'for now'), Jarret, Leandro, Sonny, Demar, Linas... we're going to be an athletic, uptempo team that gets up and down the floor... on BOTH ends of the court

    ...From earlier... a fan asked .... with all this change and growth and youth push, my question is .. Are YOU going to hang around or leave us hanging?

    BC... I'm here AS LONG AS THEY WANT ME here.. I LOVE THE CITY, MY FAMILY LOVES it, it's home to us now and I have no intentions of leaving.
    *Read even more of BC's Q/A responses - LINK

    I wanted to attend this event but I'm in the process of moving, so it's hard to get Anyhow, this is very interesting news, to me anyhow. What ya'll think?
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