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Thread: Colangelo Says Bosh "Checked Out" (Sun Article Posted On Pg.6/Post #43)

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    Quote Raptor4Ever wrote: View Post
    If Bosh DID tank, then why all that energy and ... trying to sign him.
    Not sure what you mean. The time when Bosh really started downhill was after the deadline. Colangelo was helpless at that point even if he knew Bosh wasn't coming back. His best bet, whether he knew Bosh was gone or not, was to maintain that the Raptors wanted him and were in the hunt. He had to protect his leverage for trades. Colangelo was working for the team, Bosh was working for himself. Not sure how Colangelo's integrity can be called to question here...

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    I heard the interview and it felt... unseemly. It just felt like the GM was trying to pass of blame and talking about "Well, if this didn't happen and that didn't happen...". It really felt like The GM was saying "Hey, just had some bad breaks! Nothing I could do."

    First off, no one was caught unaware of this. Jalen Rose, of all people, was screaming last offseason that there was no way Bosh would stay. There's been whispers that Bosh, Wade and LeBron was cooking something up since 2008 (Hell, since 2006!). The GM is supposed to have his pulse on everything and if he was truly hoodwinked by his employee, then I think that's says more about him than Bosh. And by his own admission, he talked about how Bosh changed after the all star break and how voices were in his head. Well, if he was a problem then, why not trade him? Why wait and see this scenario play out. The whole interview felt like The GM was just dry snitching.

    I don't know whether or not Bosh 'tanked' the last half of the season (gun to the head, I would say yes and if he did, well, you can knock me over a feather, a pro athlete not giving his all 100% of the time on a .500 team, I AM SHOCKED), but The GM sold this team with the fact that if Bosh left or was injured, that they could survive that and it's pretty obvious that they couldn't and the team that The GM put together was flawed and THAT is on him. This culture of "Star Player Leave And The Team Subtly Throws Him Under The Bus" just seems... dishonest and more about covering his a**.

    We talk about the loyalty that players should show to fans and to the organization, but these players quickly find out that there is no loyalty there. Fans give unconditional love and our emotions get run over when a player leaves and get played on when a player wants to re-up... but our love only extends on how hard they defend on the court or their 3 pt %. As soon as they have a 6-24 shooting game or an extended slump, we call for them to be traded or don't be resigned when the contract is up, no matter how much the player likes Toronto or wherever he is. Witness Reggie Evans, who name was being chanted in pre-season and throughout the season we waited for him to bring the 'toughness' this team needs... and as soon as 5 games in, there's were calls to bench him, as he 'didn't know his role' and 'was a liability on offence'. I mean, does anyone REALLY care what happens to him? Or Rasho? Or Marcus Banks? I 'hate' Jose Calderon as much as anyone, but all he's done is profess his love for this city and this organization and show a willingness to get better and play whatever role is set out for him, and The GM trades him away, get it's reneged and now he's unsure where he's going. If you were Jose, would YOU have any loyalty to this organization? Would it be easy for you to go to back knowing that they didn't really want you here, if they had their druthers? And don't give me the "He's making 9 million a year, he should be proffesional about it". He's still a human being, therefore flawed and we can't expect him to be a better person because The GM handed him a lot of money. Plus, we as fans, owners (looking at you Dan Gilbert) and GMs (looking at you David Kahn) don't have much perspective on these things, why should we expect players, who've been coddled all their lives and never had a 'real' job, to have this?

    The bottom line is, I just feel like this has been a mass failure by the organization to do right by the fans and the star player. It's not like we, as fans, haven't gone through this before and after a time, it's time to stop blaming the players and for the organization to look at themselves and their philosophy. To go a radio station and say these things when you didn't do enough to take care of 'your house' and to not build a team to give enough of a basketball reason to keep you around beyond 'Hey, we can pay you the most!' just feels like a guy fighting for preservation of his own job. Everyone just come out looking bad.

    (BTW, the funniest part of that interview was him saying that Linus Klieza was the best post up player that Toronto had. If that doesn't tell you how much trouble this team is in...)