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Thread: Everything Bargnani: The Legend Continues

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    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    But as I've been saying, a greater sense of accountability doesn't turn Bargnani into a different person, which seems to be what some are expecting. Maturity isn't going to suddenly make defense instinctual, for him. It's not going to make him into a workhorse on the boards.
    When you mature you do become a different person. Changes vary person to person. I've seen some people totally transform into things I'd never expect, good and bad. That's life, people change. Carter was the ultimate slasher in his best years in Toronto and then later he changed and fell in love with his jump shot and arguably turned into a less effective player. People change and their games change all the time.

    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    He's studying the game. Great. Unfortunately he's 26 and in his 6th season. That's a little late.
    Yeah, because there are zero cases on players breaking out later in their careers... He has lots of natural talent. If he works hard he'll become a competent defender and rebounder. No one should expect him to be a lockdown defender. Most players in the league aren't lockdown defenders. The standards for him should be no higher than anyone else. So far he hasn't met that standard. No one has held him to those standards though. Let's see this year...

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    And I have no doubt we'll see improvements for Bargnani. Hearing that he's working hard is encouraging. But, again, it's not going to turn him into a player he simply is not.
    He doesn't need to be a lockdown defender and rebounder. All he needs to do is become competent in those two areas and then he's not his teammate's liability in their court.

    Quote Tim W. wrote: View Post
    Primarily is close enough.
    Not in my books.

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    I am sort of confused by this discussion. Bargs could improve or he could not, the fact is that right now he is good value for his contract. If he started averaging 9 rebounds a game, playing good D, and improved his scoring efficiency he would be worth significantly more than his contract, and in fact would probably by a max type guy.

    Right now Bargs is owed $42 million over the next four years. That's $42 million for a 7 footer who plays average man D, spreads the floor well with his shooting, can play either the 5 or 4, and is still only 26. To put that in perspective, DeAndre Jordan, who will never be anywhere near the offensive player Bargs is and is basically on the same level as Amir Johnson at the moment (Shout out Tim W's blog) is getting 40 million for four years. Chandler, who admittedly is a champion and a great defensive anchor, is getting 60 million for 4 years 5 million a year more than Bargs, who is a far better offensive weapon. Basically if Bargs brings exactly the same thing this year that he brought last year, he is still a bargain compared to other bigs. Maybe this means we should trade him since his value is up, but for the moment I'm very happy with what he is bringing.

    The key is how he should be used. Does he have to be Dirk? No. If he does some of the things Dirk does does that make us better? Yes. Opening up the floor on offense, creating mismatches, playing multiple positions, providing size, the guy just allows for so many different looks on offense and can make his teammates better by just being out there. He doesn't even have to be the number one option, in fact I'd like to see him take less shots and work on shooting a higher percentage, especially from 3. If Derozen can become a superstar type player, having a Bargnani to spread the floor and come out for the three will be very very effective.

    Can he improve? I think it's